Late cancelling Necro's low short



OK guys, I just found this out recently…

Apparently, on the DC version at least, you can cancel Necro’s low short all the way up to the very end of its animation.

Now, if you use SA3, this bit of knowledge doesn’t help you. If you cancel c.short into that super, late enough to where you can actually hit-confirm it, it won’t combo.

SA1, though, is a different story. You CAN combo this off of low short via the late cancel hit-confirm. Timing is somewhat strict, but it’s definitely doable. This is a big deal because this simple combo does absolutely disgusting damage, FAR more than the (c.short xx jab hook, SA1) combo.

So, if I’m right, this seems to be a pretty decent point in favor of SA1: It gives you a safer high/low game than SA3. Not saying it’s BETTER, but it’s still something to think about. Provided the arcade version works the same way, of course. :slight_smile:



In the arcade, there’s a very small time frame where you can cancel short into SA3. It’s kinda like doing Necro’s standing MP cancel into SA3. Hard, but doable.


I don’t think that another cancel will really help out the good points of SAI too much. However, for SAI users, this is a pretty cool little combo.