Late Night at Family Fun CvS2 MvC2 3S Results

my brackets are way too hard to read so ill just give top 3 in every game.


  1. Combofiend
  2. Jason Cole
  3. Amir Amirsaleh


  1. Amir Amirsaleh
  2. Combofiend
  3. Dan DC_Static


  1. Pyrolee
  2. Arlieth

today was a sick day. thanks for everyone that came down. it was nice meeting a lot of people that are down for evo and it was nice seeing some old faces again. big thanks to minnesota, hawaii, texas and whoever i missed and of course the regulars.

we had some really gg’s in every game. 3s casual was so fun with alex valle playing and joking around.

gg’s hope to see everyone again and keep practicing for evo

thanks man, i still say u should go to evo, rep that portland/seattle shit ! :stuck_out_tongue:

damn so cal is hungry for marvel these days … team tourney at 3:30 am, damn thats to hardcore for me :lol:

p.s: edma is a killer, peter damn i had u first round but i forgot it was 3 out of 5 so i woulda probably lost the next 3 games :lol: