Late Night Show With Li Joe Podcast


After getting Li Joe’s permission I turned his stream into a podcast, cutting out dead air and adding a little intro. The first of hopefully many podcasts can be found here

The first episode was streamed several weeks ago. Approximately 15 -20 minutes in Triforce joins the call.
I hope to put up more casts soon but it is very time consuming. You can follow me @mike3640 for updates for Li Joe podcast, Ultrachen TV podcasts and mp3’s of WSRK
Episode 2, LI Joe talks with D’nyce, Mike Ross and Arturo sanchez available here

Those who wanna try ultrachen podcast style check out this link

Episode 3 THE Brazzers episode, the episode that really turned up the conversation in the gaming community available here
Episode 4 The cross assault episode
Episode 5, Joe Discusses an upcoming FGC documentary then talks with LordKnight about Chris G

Ultrachen TV's MP3 versions

Thanks man. I’ve occasionally converted podcasts to MP3s for my own use, but it can be a chore and there have been other people who wanted the MP3s who had trouble understanding how to do it, so I’m sure it’ll be appreciated.


THE BRAZZERS episode now available above


Cross assault episode now available


Episode 5 now available