Late Night SSF4 Players


It’s hard to get a game with a solid connection in the wee hours of the mornings. I’m talking later than 3AM EST.

I made this thread for people who have a hard time getting lagless games but want to play in the middle of the night.

I’m often up at this time, such as right now, looking for a game. send me a friend request if you’re interested in these late-night lobbies.

PSN Handle: Anddhe
Region: ON, Canada
Zone: EST -5

Another player who’s often up at these times is:
PSN Handle: majinhurricane
Region: BC, Canada
Zone: PST

PSN Handle: obsidianbrain
Region: ON, Canada
Zone: EST

PSN: Salty_Shan
Region: ON, Canada
Weekends only :confused:

I’ll keep the list updated, as well as make a note under each member’s name if they go on hiatus.


LOL only play in the weekends though late night to 9:00pm to like 2:00am so heres mine

PSN Handle: Axzonewolf
Region: Reno, NV USA
Zone: PST


Not late enough to be considered really late night lol…
it’s still pretty easy to find games at 2AM


PSN: Salty_Shan
Region: ON, Canada
Weekends only :confused:


i apologize for having to end our games after only 3 sets. i’m leaving to go to HQ. you should come out!