Late Purchaser Hotel Tips?


Now that the hotel is sold out, does anyone have any tips for places to get a room? I don’t know Vegas well, but I’m optimizing for close by/cheap rather than nice. (Also open to joining a room with folks I know.)

Apologies if there’s another thread on this; I did a quick search first.



I know the Stratosphere is pretty close and fairly cheap


Circys circus is close and cheap, ill probably get a roim there


Both of those hotels are close and pretty cheap. I would suggest going on and either using the Bid option or using the Express deals. Both of those options offer super low hotel prices and if you are interested you can get a higher quality hotel for cheap. Basically you pick out an area on the map, in this case it would be somewhere near LVH and you book a mystery hotel in that area. You get to pick the number of star hotel you want and it will list the price as well as hotel amenities just not the name. You might also be able to find coupons to go along with that deal. Gook luck.


I almost booked at the Riviera through They had a code for an extra 10% off the total (TAKE10) and it works for most hotels on there. Since I’m only staying in Vegas til Friday (and missed out on the EVO code), I managed to book a room at the LVH using another code I had to hunt for and found (ZWSOP). I had to call their number to get the code to work, but they honored it and am getting a $47 a night rate, WITH resort fee included.

That’s another thing to consider when looking at hotels; the resort fee can differ significantly. was a good site I found for deals. Groupon was another. If you have a AAA card that’s 20% your bill at some hotels. Honestly, just Google the name of the hotel you want to stay at with “promo code” or “offer” or the like to find what’s out there.


I have a question about this as well and feel it doesn’t deserve it’s own thread. Should I also consider distance from the hotel to the Venue when looking for a Hotel? I’ve seen some cheap prices with the Expressed deals on Priceline but Im not sure how far I will be from the Venue. Are most hotels around the Vegas Strip close enough to walk to or are there shuttles that take you to the hotels in the area?

My group all bailed on me at the last minute OP so if you need someone to share a room to keep cost down pm on here or on Xbox Live/PSN. Gamertag is Sinfulfate on both.


Just to put it out there, if anyone is looking to cut down on the price of a room I’m looking for a roommate.
I’ll be coming from Denver, CO although I am originally from France. I’ve had an account on SRK before but lost my login details. You can it me up on twitter @ADN_88
Thanks guys


Friends and I are staying at the Flamingo since we’ll be doing other things besides evo. We plan on taking the monorail to lvh since there’s a station both at the Flamingo and lvh. You don’t have to worry about traffic either.


I booked mine through Facebook rewards from myVegasSlots, so I booked it at Circus Circus.


I already booked my place, if anyone is interested, PM me for details.