Late tech, Crounch tech, Stand Tech - Why it kills cody?



Hi guys, i searched the forum and didnt find any in depht explanation about this, just minor mentions. If someone could explain me the diference betwen them and how to do late tech, i would be thanked, because i have dificult with characters whose walkspeed makes hard to tech tick throws setups (deejay, cammy etc).

I would like to know if this mechanism is the explantion to why, when i meet better experienced players, they look like always know when i am going to frame trap (and dont get countered) or go for tick throw setup( and tech everything).
How crack kick, being made airbone would help against this?

I friend of mine said that a way to deal with this would be walking a bit during a blockstring. I see this often on top players matchs. If you guys mention other ways to deal with it, i would be thanked too.


You’ve got to learn to instinctively know when to press crouch tech or not, against good players you cant be pressing it all the time, sometimes your opponent may not be crouch teching at all to avoid the traps so make sure you throw them! There is also the fact that you can crouch tech on reaction when someone dashes up or walks up to throw you, this can be used to your advantage by doing the same thing but by pressing a button instead of throwing (close fierce is one alot of us seem to use but close mp or even crouch jab would be a safer option.)

From a defensive perspective there are things you can implement to stop getting frame trapped and maybe even score some damage yourself: Lets say my opponent just tried a frame trap with a small gap and I was delaying my crouch tech so it didn’t work, then next time they got the opportunity they went for a throw and it still didnt work. The next thing on their list could be going for a delayed frame trap if they think you’re delay teching, which is a pretty big risk offensively, so you could just mash jab and get a combo into ruffian to gain space or what ever you want really.

It all depends on reading your opponent and how much of a risk you’re willing to take. It’s hard to learn and hard to adapt to different peoples habits on crouch teching, but with practice you will improve.
As for stand teching, it really is tough to punish for Cody without risking getting punished (unless you just want to punish them with crouch short, which wouldn’t really make them hesitate doing it again imo). You can train yourself to react to them standing but it’s pretty hard and they can crouch block straight after you’ve finished your last attack, so it doesn’t really work. Again you’ll have to read it which I can’t say I’m that successful in most of the time, but maybe some others would shine some light on options that they use.

Happy frame trapping!


How do i train late tech?

Besides, I apreciate what you just said but, nowadays i only get on frame traps button mashers and have to resort to footsies and rock throwing. The guys who knows cody matchup dont try to stick a finger even if they dont know about frame traps. The problem is that i dont know other ways than mix a throw in the strings to bait and fish frame traps.


That’s a good explanation, i’ve been wondering about this as well. So would i be right in saying that there aren’t any set frame trap combos because everyone crouch techs at a different rate and so you have to adapt to there tempo.


How does this work in a match up against Guy? I have a league match against a Guy Friday.


Pretty much, imo I believe players have a go to tech pattern, whether it be stand tech, crouch tech, late crouch tech etc.

The way I figure this out is if I’m going for a frame trap and I get thrown out of it = not tight enough / stand tech.
You can also see this if you’re applying jab pressure and they’re holding back and not down back, kind of risky but you can low short upper, if you see this, if they’re smart they’ll crouch the next time.

Theoretically Cody’s best frame trap would be delayed crouch jabs, since you’re +2 on block if you space them accordingly it’ll blow up stand techers since grabs are what (3f?), will also keep people from jumping away etc.

For late techers you’ll realize they’re late teching if you’re doing frame traps that aren’t hitting AND they tech your throws, if that makes sense. They’re essentially waiting for you to throw. My solution to this is a LATE frame trap. Crouch jab - wait - close fp. Sure it’s a 6 frame gap, but if they’re really late teching it’ll work. Or jab jab - wait (walk back even) , cr fp - > ex rocks etc.

Hope this helps / makes sense


Cody deals really well with crouch tech and delayed tech its just stand teching is hard for him to punish for any real damage beyond cr s crim upper. When he gets his airborne crackkick I think its really going to help his up close game…

honestly the best way to punish late tach is after a back throw. Do the easy 5 frame safe jump hk then wait like a week come back press close hp cancel that into ex eocks and link to u2 so much win lol i hit that on some guy was ranked no 19 pp wise.


Not if it’s not airborne till 8F, that’ll still lose to stand teching unless the opponent is doing really delayed stand techs or only after a sMP is blocked (and even then it’s throwable but it is only throwable for 2F so it’s a tough timing.)

Plus F+HK will lose to crouch tech / delayed techs since it whiffs on crouching. You do F+HK even after a sMP blocked most characters will recover before you do if they did a crLK crouch tech.

Example using Ryu

sMP (Blocked) = +4F - F+HK (assuming frame perfect) = 25F gap (F+HK is 29F total)

so Ryu does a crouch tech after the sMP is blocked (note: F+HK becomes lower body invincible on 4F so this is usually ok)
Ryu’s crLK = 16F total. (4F startup 3F active 9F recovery)

That leaves a 9F gap where you can’t do anything and Ryu is free to react. If Ryu keeps mashing crLK he’ll hit you during the recovery of F+HK and land a combo. If Ryu recognizes the F+HK he can punish you with a throw of his own or with something like crMP - crMP - sweep or whatever. Even if he doesn’t recognize the move quick enough due to human error and such he still has that huge area of freedom where YOU now have to worry about getting counterhit if you go for a crLP or some other trap after your F+HK on whiff because any button Ryu hits is going to startup well before yours. Now that isn’t to say this isn’t going to ever work, but it’s something that you need to think about.

I think it adds to his up close game a useful tool but not one that is going to majorly help deal with the issues of stand teching because it’s still unreliable and a gamble. I think where F+HK being airborne will help a lot more (given starting airborne frames on 8F) is mid screen it becomes a safer move to use because you don’t risk eating a full combo as often and post knockdown you can get some decent left right corpse hop mixups.


Your thinking about it wrong, yeah crack kick might not be free brain dead good but within his arsenal itll fill a hole thats currently there. People dont tend to mash moves up close against cody because his damage about from ch is so insane so most really on delay tech wether standing or not.

If there crouching go for a ch setup
if there standing go for a crackick

because It wont whiff you will be plus on block and if they stand tech you get a free juggle or reset. If they are standing and dont get hit there defo blocking if they throw you then they are mashing the fuck out of throw. If some one hits you with cr lk when you go for crack kick then you should have gone for a frame trap instead.

cant tell for sure till its released tho I suppose


I can’t seem to blowup stand tech to save my life. I got plenty of frame traps against crouch teching, but for instance against evil Ryu, I can’t rely on -> lp criminal upper (seems impossible to hit confirm this) as he can get a free cr.rh (also with lp cu being -4 I don’t get why I get blown up by this, is it the recovery frames?). The only setups I use though are ->, or some form of cr.lp -> Thinking I need to do more & kara-throw or

Not sure how to make Cody’s throw game scarier to get people to flinch more (other then kara-ing throw from s.rh). I feel like the minute I get a back throw and don’t go for an immediate safe jump the other player tries to DP or delay DP to beat the cross / fake crrossup.


If you notice them stand teching you, walk out of the range of their throw and punish their wiff throw. Sweep and xx whatever are the common punishes. That’s essentially the basics of footsies. Instead of punishing whiff normals, you are punishing whiff throws. Being unpredictable on your offense is what makes great offenses work.


Because Cody got that backwards walk speed to be able to do that… o wait. Kappa


Lmao I was about to say the same thing. I suppose I could always neutral jump, just seems pretty risky.


Staggered jabs are your best option. You can try crack in a situation with high frame advantage ie a blocked jump rh ,this is more of a gamble tho :wink: