Late UOH setups?

What’s the preferable followup to a late UOH on a crouching opponent?

I know both standing and crouching short will combo from this, but I rarely see it done…

cr.short doesn’t connect on everyone (i think), but st.short will. into EX tourou zan.

i think it’s rather a question of how to set up the UOH than what to follow it with…

Heheh. You’re right. won’t connect against Urien/Gill/Necro/Dudley/Elena/Twelve, seems it just doesn’t have the range. And it’s a very, very tight link against people like Oro and Chun.

Looks like standing short is always the way to go.

Title updated to reflect your suggestion.

On wake-up, there are a couple things you can do with meaty close strong that leads into UOH setups.

After a knock-down, close strong. If it is blocked, you have a lot of frame advantage and great distance for UOH, > ex torou. If the close strong hits then it is possible to confirm the standing short link into ex slashes. If you don’t see the close strong hit and it does in fact hit, you can still do the UOH anyways. But that’s one safe setup.

You can also do straight up UOH on wake-up, but it has slow start-up and not so great recovery if blocked. You caaaaaan use immediately it after mantis slash in the corner knock down, as it whiffs on most characters quick standing. The purpose of making it whiff in this manner is to advance Yang towards grab range, close strong, and low short range, while creating a “smoke screen” that they might get hit by the UOH on wake-up. The other option to this is actually hitting them with the UOH, but that’s not exactly Yang’s safest on wake-up.

Kinda went off on a tangent, but hope that helps you out. Overall, I’d suggest finding good poke strings with low short, close strong, low strong and fitting in the UOH when you have the distance for it.