Later SRK

It’s been fun but I have to say bye for the most part. SRK has been a part of my life for 10 years. Hell I came out on SRK. And I’m sure you all remember Scoot and our fantastic voyage. But I’m emotionally detached myself from SRK and if I don’t feel 100% good in terms of doing something, then I just won’t do it. Who knows? I might pop back (I mean really…who stays retired on SRK) but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Love you all. You are my family. :sad:

Asta pasta.


Sorry to see you go man. Hope you all the best, take care man.

Take care Zulu…we wish you the best on your future endeavors.


Aiight then. Peace.

i never understand how people ‘retire’ from a forum. Just post less or check less. It’s like saying you’re going to retire from email or something.

Seen u post a few times, u’ll be missed. Come visit on holidays :slight_smile:

that’s too bad. i haven’t seen you post much on here anymore. but like you said man, who really stays retired from SRK? stop by anytime dude!

damn, look at all these old-school heads. peace out, yo.

Take it easy Fillmore.

I have personally retired form SRK 3 times already. :coffee:

See you in 365 days.

“raped by zulu” jokes were always made funnier by the fact that you seem to be a cool cat. take it easy, homey.

good bye threads are so gay.

well looks like i got to find a new source for my beyonce eye wear news now.


Take care of yourself, man.

Later, Zulu.

pffft, you’ll be back zulu so I’m not worried

Leave all ya want. The door stays open anyways, like a 24 hour bar. Take care.


:sad: Take care man. See ya’ soon.

See ya Zulu. Will hate not seeing you post on here.

They always come back though.

may all skinny white boys fall beneath you in fear… and pleasure :rofl: later, yo.

hope to see you again!


I liked your pictures, when you took a world tour.