Latest Dual Mod info; question


I have been searching for info for 3 days on dual modding my stick; adding PS3 support for and xbox te stick.

The TEasy Mod solderless option seems to be sold out.

It seems like currently the best way to do this is to use the Toodles ChimpSMD, with a tutorial like this:

Dual Mod a Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition using Toodles ChImp|Donovan Myers

I was wondering if anyone knows if this is still the best way to go, or if there are other solderless solutions out there. Thanks.


AkihabaraShop sells a PS360 PCB, which works on both platforms and requires no soldering. I bought two, but haven’t had the opportunity to replace my 360 TE PCB. Check out the response in the AkiShop thread here in TT. I believe Akishop isn’t selling anymore for the time being, but I believe is. If you can’t wait for the TEasy or PS360 to come back in stock, then the ChImp is your only bet, though it obviously requires some soldering.


if you already have a 360pcb and you just want it to play ps3 as well the chimpSMD is the more affordable route to go. its really overkill to use a P360 for a controller that already has a pcb for the ps3 or 360…

the chimp SMD is just as solderless…


The ChImp is a easy mod, and once installed you do not need to hold any buttons or flip a switch to swich from PS3 more to Xbox 360 mode, the process is automatic when you plug it in.


thanks for the responses. I will go with the chimp smd.


Well, I paid $35 for a PS360, which is the same price LL is offering the ChimpSMD. I believe Focus Attack is selling the PS360 for $44, so I don’t see it as much more affordable.


what site is selling them for $35 because I will buy them at that price but I have seen them for $44 plus shipping. where the SMD has been $35 from the start plus shipping. so yes its more affordable.

If you are talking about the pre-order sale price good on you for getting it at that but I havent heard anything on them being at $35 constant since the pre-order sale finished.


Depends what is cheaper for you to get hold of. Either a ChImp SMD or Dual Strike V2, both these boards will essentially do the same thing and both are ‘solderless’ so it depends where you are based for shipping.


Yeah, I picked them up during the pre-order, but don’t forget the resale value of the 360 TE PCB. I’m thinking net result. You pay $35 for a ChimpSMD; you get one dual modded stick. You get a PS360; you have one dual modded stick and a wired 360 TE PCB. They’re both fine products, but subjectively speaking, I’ll go with the PS360. Doesn’t cost that much more, and what of the net after you sell the TE PCB?


your reasoning has drifted a bit from what you posted… we are talking about dual modding a TE 360. I dont care about resale value or net result from this post.
Both P360 and ChimpSMD are solderless.
Both get the same result from dual mod with a 360 pcb already in a stick.
dual modded sticks are getting sold for a higher cost than a normal retail stick. If they are not then you are getting one hell of a favor.
if you live in the US and you want to dual mod within this week you have a better chance of doing so ordering a ChimpSMD then you do a P360. Dualstrike V2 respectivley in europe.
even with shipping it is still cheaper to purchase the Chimp than it is to preorder the P360.
If this was a custom build stick with no PCB then its a diffrent story but as I stated before… this is for a dual mod of a TE 360 that has a working PCB. so yes you save more purchasing a Chimp.


I have done some googling but thought it couldn’t hurt to ask… I read 22 gauge stranded wire for the ChimpSMD. Does that sound right?



Stranded, definitely. Solid core is ass to work with. 22 gauge can work, but feels a bit thick and unwieldy, and if you’re trying to to make it as solerless as possible by shoving wires into connectors, it’d be too thick. I’d say 24 gauge at the thickest, 26 or 28 gauge if you can swing it.

Either you should add the cost of a USB A-to-B cable to your running total, or I’d love to hear how you plan to connect the existing USB cable to the PS360 without soldering. If you try to tell me to twist and wrap ends with the four wire connector harness included with the PS360, I will laugh at you.
There are a few other tidbits that, at least in my opinion, make the ChimpSMD a better choice for adding PS3 support to a 360 TE/SE, but I’ll let those slide for now.
Don’t get me wrong, the PS360 is an awesome little board, and the best way to get PS3+360 into a CUSTOM stick, better than any of the stuff I currently make. But for modding production 360 sticks, ChimpSMD is a better fit.


Heh. Thanks. I’ll have to take a look at the board when I get it in the mail, I just wanted to get the correct wire in the mean time. I found basic guides but nothing that’s specific to this exact mod, except a 2 page PDF (I think it has your name on it Toodles), but it’s mostly words and not a photo-rific tutorial heh, but I think it will do. Is there a better guide I haven’t seen?

I’m not afraid of a little soldering, or extra cost, just trying to keep as solderless as possible, just 'cause.

EDIT: Never mind I think I’ve got it under control after reading everything… I guess I will still have to solder the home button to the chimp; is the home button really needed for the ps3? No Solderless solutions?

edit edit: Found a picture of which pin the guide button goes to for solderless; so it is possible for anyone who searches here. thanks again.


Please bear with me, I’m an amateur here.

I’ve recently purchased a Toodles ChimpSMD after doing some research telling me that it’ll be all I need to do a dual mod. Trying to follow along with some threads here and that Donovan Myers link but however, it shows the older model of the Cthulhu PCB I think?
Anyways, after hours of several attempts, I cant seem to get the home button to work. I’ve been scouring the net for any updated info for modding but fail to find any and too darn tired to search here (believe me, I’ve tried several times), even with the instructions the SMD came with, its still difficult for me to understand.
Attempting to mod a Marvel vs Capcom 2 TE fightstick for the 360 with a Toodles ChimpSMD.
Can anyone help point me in the right direction as to find instructions to do so? As long as I can get the home button to work, I can go ahead and test the rest.
So yeah, help would be appreciated.


IMO if you already have a 360 stick, then imo the ChImpSMD is the way to go (mainly for ease of the mod and the auto detection of which console you are plugged in to). I would only go with the PS360 over the ChImpSMD if you are building a custom stick, and even then it’s just a matter of deciding if you want an easier mod, turbo and your inners less cluttered (often in the case of clear cases) or if you want auto console detection.

There may be something I am missing, but this is how I look at it.


Check this post:
Other than the part described in that post for steps 3-5, the rest of the donovan myers guide works perfectly, including the Home/Guide button in step 6.


Hey I just picked up a Toodles ChimpSMD, tried installing it following Donovan’s instructions and no luck. Trying to install it onto a Marvel Vs Capcom 2 stick for the 360. I’m pretty certain that I got all the USB and play buttons hooked up correctly but except I cant get the home button to work.
Here’s the thing that confuses me, the piece of paper that comes with the ChimpSMD says to "Connnect the control buttons (Start, Select, Home) to the matching screw terminals, along with their ground to a GND screw terminal.
In Donovan’s instructions, it doesn’t mention anything about connecting the ground withe the home button.
So right now, I got the home button soldered along with the ground, since it didnt really work with Donovan’s tutorial?
What am I doing wrong?


Does the Home button work on a PC? (Its #13). Does the Home button work on a 360?


I think I may have just a USB connection issue, my pc doesnt even know its there


ok right now just testing to see if any of the buttons work. I’m able to test out the joystick, works fine but play buttons (A B X Y) dont register, do they require a ground connection as well?