Latest Hayao footage



Hayao is back in the scene. And he returns with style.

Caught this footage of him, this time he’s playing a player called ‘WongFei’.



It says the video is not available in my country. Got any other site/source?


rickroll, had to use a youtube proxy to get past that country thing but then i knew what was coming


i love get rickrolled…XD


Well I didn’t think this deserved a new thread, but I figured I would let everyone know anyway for those of you who like Hayao.

I talked to Hayao the other day at Monte50 arcade in Umeda (Osaka-city). Since Game Vegas shut down, this is where the 3rd strike players come. We talked about a bunch of stuff but I will stick to the fighting game stuff.

First off, he is such a nice guy. He even wrote my name in his planner so he’d remember my name. Class act! If you speak Japanese, try and chat with him!

Secondly, he says he never plans to quit 3rd strike. I asked him because I saw him playing ultra sf4 (he uses Hugo of course).

Finally, his play is still rock solid. I saw him landing Gigas 80 percent of the rounds he played. His win ratio the two times I saw him was well in the 90 percent range.

If I see him again, I’ll try to get some 3s footage. I only got an usf4 video.


good stuff…