Latest madcatz wiring diagram

I’ve searched the forum and I cannot find a new diagram for the latest Madcatz 360 revision, can anyone help a scrub out?

:karate: L2read :smiley:

101 pages really isn’t that much to look through for a diagram, and since you’re looking for something recent, go from the last page backwards.

101 pages is a lot for me to read through, i’ve busted 4 controllers trying to get this done over the past week and I’m really anxious to get it up and running. :rofl:

From one Texan to another, Thanks you sir!

no problem

I tried going through the padhack thread but that thing needs to be broken down by system 120+ pages of reading would leave me no time to actually wire my stick and get in some games tonight.

Thanks man you helped a ton, you don’t know how much I appreciate it.


Go to for help such as this, it’s a really well organized site.


Slagcoin doesn’t have that one. I made it and asked him to post it. He said that he’s working on an overhaul of the site so I’m assuming it will eventually make it up there.

Yay Texas.