Latest Mame!

This is the latest mame download, update and then get back on kaillera.
You’ll need 7zip to extract this file,GGGL:2006-33,GGGL:en

Scroll to the bottom where it says Version 117u2 or something! Enjoy!

welcome to last week

oops sorry

It’s news to me. :tup:

117u2 might be last week’s news but MAME32++ barely updated to this version now so technically it is news.

whats new?

Can Kaillera be used with Mame or do we still need Mame32?

Guys, is it true that this 0117u2 may not work for everyone when playing online? Out of 6 folks I played with , 3 experienced different crashes before the game being loaded.

Ye I’m having a problem with 117u2 too. every time I start a game with someone I get an error and it crashes. I will stick with 117

I haven’t tried it with online yet, but for offline play it worked but now I get an error message every time I boot a game then the game doesn’t start.

Must be something wrong with this version. People on Kaillera didn’t update, maybe a handful, maybe because of this problem. Ima stick with 117 though

I heard, Hacker broke CP3-Jamma to computer code on MAME.

I can’t believe it. :rolleyes:

I can’t waitin about Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on PS3 for only online.
I heard new It’s 16x9 screen. wow! awsome perfect match my HDTV. :lovin:

.117u2 is different to .117 in terms of how they handle input. Its brand new and might have some bugs in it. And well…hope you guys noticed the new game list interface in .117u2 (MAME not MAME++)