Latest project: Satek Stick (Finishing)

Just started working on a new project. BadBoyBrazil sent me some of the cases made by Satek here on SRK, thought I would share some pictures of the finishing process so you might better visualize what you can do with one of his cases and see a finished product. (Or have me do for you) =)

Started the paint on this but havent taken any pictures yet ill get some up soon.

i thought they looked different than NiteWalker’s fine work…i thought they were some of nitewalker’s first sticks

he should change the title of the thread.

hah yeah thats exactly what happened, apologies.

Nice Bro. Can’t
wait to see it :slight_smile: :tup:

Had me confused there too. I said to myself “That looks exactly like my QCF case.”

Here is a look at the different stages of the finishing process, from wood filler to sanded,then primed & the first few coats of color going on and sanded.

working on one of the white ones right now