Latest SFV-PC (7/1/16) Patch and PS360+ got hosed


My bro’s custom is a PS360+ stick, and since the patch, he cannot get it to work in SFV. He’s been forcing X360 mode, but nothing. Just wondering if anyone else has come across this problem. V1 PS360+. He says it still recognizes just fine in Windows/Game Controller, and USF4 works perfectly as well.


Just tell him to use Brook’s Universal Fighting Board.


i use UFB and sometimes i have to click (yes… click as focus) the SFV window to get my fucking arcade fuck to work :angry: fucking game pls fix


Use the DLL patch in the Xoutput 0.11 thread with the x360ce/joytokey text mentioned in the title. Works fine.
And the xoutput driver still works too. But the DLL drop in requires nothing installed and is simpler.
I think its called SF5dinput.

And as far as having to click, that’s because the game starts off windowed initially and the main window doesn’t have focus. Nothing to do with controllers.


I’ve downloaden the zip file from GitHub, but i cant find any dll file in there. Do i still need to compile it or something?


Click on releases. You’re on the Linux page. It’s on the releases page :slight_smile:


That’s funny, I was just using a PS360+ in xinput mode just fine the other day.