Latest Street Fighter/Darkstalkers Door Posters (CAMMY/FELICIA) OUT NOW


I’m surprised noone has posted about this yet but the local comic shop I go to here in London received their lot of the latest Street Fighter CAMMY and Darkstalkers FELICIA door posters today. I received the Cammy one I ordered and as soon as I got home, put on the poster hangers and immediately put it on my door and this is what I see:

Awesome stuff. However, you can’t really see it in the photo but while I was trying to get the hangers on, I managed to crease some parts of the poster which is ironic as I didn’t want to damage the poster with Blue Tak. Typical…

Have these arrived in comic shops worldwide?

Mmmm-mmm I see the moon. :D~ How much does one cost?

suggested retail price at 14.99 USD.

What shop did you get yours from?

Most US retailers will be receiving the Cammy and Felicia Door Posters on Jan. 25th

Cory K

I got it from Orbital Comics where I get all of my stuff usually. They have most of the SF posters including restocks for the previous door posters as well as the latest SFII #0 poster.

Ugh! I asked my bro and he said he doesn’t know! My bro goes there every week.

They probably have some spare put aside. After all, they put aside the Chun-Li and Sakura mini figures for me and I didn’t even ask. Now I just need to know if they’ll be getting the Cloud and Fenrir figures in. I have 2 already (part of Advent Pieces Limited) but I want one to actually display properly and that leeway of “Oh it broke, never mind I have 2 more”.

someone put darkstalker poster please…

I asked them when I saw it in Previews last month and they will be getting them in. They’re going to be getting alot in as they know Final Fantasy sells so you shouldn’t worry about it being sold out as soon as its released. I think they said the price will be £40-45. The new US version of Cloud is supposed to be vastly superior to the Advent Pieces. I’ve also read that you can get Cloud as a seperate boxed piece come April.

£40-£45 alright I guess. Might get two if I have money, or if my bro feels like buying me two.They took ages to got a restock of Sephiroth, they got them back a couple weeks ago I think (my bro picked mine up last week).

I really can’t decide between Cammy and Felicia…

Personally, I would LOVE an Elena poster…

But that dream is unreachable…

does anyone know the size in inches for the SF jam poster?

Diamond says 60x18, but I didn’t actually measure.