Latest udon rumors

thanks to ishmel at mmcafe

The plot thickens.

Mr. Ko, just spill the beans. What’s the big secret? The masses must know!

Haha…con fights rule. I went one year, and a guy I knew got thrown out for kicking someone in the nuts.

Anyway what about the booth got them in trouble?

poops pants and passes out

hehehe. I’ll just smile humbly. I was hoping that they’d be doing something related to official capcom game, and if they do…it’d rock. But when it’s time to reveal it, I’m sure Udoneko will release it, with surprize to spare.
That is, if we stop pestering about details…

It might be Capcom Fighting Jam artwork for all we know, if it is a new game it’ll be something like an new versus game or something, I thinks it’s unlikey for Capcom to make SF4.

That special edition summer preview looks awesome… how would one be able to get a copy? It says only a few hundred will be printed? Is this true, or will only a few hundred be available, but more printed in actuality (like the issue #04 Christmas card)?

And will the Summer Preview at Wizard World Chicago have a new cover and will it be considered a second print? I guess since I didn’t get my questions answered earlier, I can just find out at the show myself…


Incentive for game retailers, huh?

Incentive to do what, exactly? Is Udon finally going to get SF into the game stores with this?

i hope these rumors are true.I bet the art for that capcom game is the secret and i hope its not.

I wonder if someone confused Jo Chen with Kinu Nishimura starting this rumor not knowing Jo Chen is a girl too… all the person needs is one stinking picture of Kinu and Shoei there to confirm this rumor which I don’t see.

Still if it is true, it leans more towards Kinu and Shoei doing covers if anything like Shinkiro did.

I’d really love to know the answer to these questions also. I actually really hope the big Udon secret is tied in with a new Street Fighter game. I really wish Udon were designing a new set of sprites, that would be so cool

I just found out that they are making cvs3 from inside scoop. Not till a long time though.

Say SFMC, since you won the first Fan Art Contest, are you now a Capcom of Japan Artist too along with Studio Udon as the ‘rumor’ implies? :lol:

CvS3? For real? I would’ve prefered a different game but it’s better than nothing. Where did you here this anyway?

Another thing I thought of is that it could be artwork for the long forgotten Sammy Vs Capcom.

Oh man I sure hope it’s SF4, please no more VS. games PLEASE!

U Lie!:evil: For real!:smiley: thats AWESOME!

Thats AWESOME! :smiley:

that game is coming out!I can,t wait for it then.Where did you here this though?

I heard that too…but I don’t think that’s the big suprise…

Also…I wanna know more about these Joe Mad covers!! how? when?! what!!?
And bloody hell, everyone should be able to get the summer specials!!! :frowning:
some one fill me in about these kinda comic summer specials or whatever those thingamijigies are…please!

Everyone has been so quiet lately…

OK.OK. I got the approval from Capcom Japan to tell you guy here that we have indeed been working on the endings of Capcom Fighting Jam (Named Fighting Evolution in USA)!

There are 21 different character ending sequences that we have to do and it is very exciting to be working directly with Capcom Japan under the supervision of SHOEI-sensei. It is a quite long back and forth, editing and approval process, but being able to working hand in hand with the Capcom Artists and getting the comments from Kinu-sensei and others, this is the greatest learning experience that we can have in our career yet!

As noted before, this was scheduled to be a one month job but it turns out that we have been going back and forth to make all art “perfect” to Capcom standard and almost 4 months has gone by now! It is coming to a close this week and we sure hope that we can work with them more in the future.

But first priority on hand after this is to get SF issue 10 out of the door!!!

More to come!