Latest update broke PC joystick support?


Prior to the patch, my PS360+ would need LP+MP held down before plugging in to force X360 mode. Once forced, the joystick was fine in SFV (replug worked great as well). With the latest, there isn’t any method to get it recognized – forced or auto. Anyone else in the same boat as me?


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Do you have a steam controller plugged in? Mine keeps talking priority to the point of having to leave it on to use my stick. Using a ps360 too


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> Do you have a steam controller plugged in?

No other controller is plugged into my system.

The straight xbox360 PCB works fine (on my Hitbox clone), but the PS360+ with v1.66 firmware doesn’t work no matter how I configure the controller before plugging it in. Before the latest patch, holding down MP/MK was the only way for SFV to recognize the stick, now there isn’t any configuration for the PS360+ to be recognized at all. Every other game is fine on all recognition levels (SFIV, Mame, etc), it’s only SFV that no longer recognizes it.


My stick works fine but it’s just a 360 stick from Marvel 3 days.


I am not familiar with the details of the PCB but I have 360 peripherals I have to manually force the drive on to sometimes.

a. Right click on Computer
b. Go to Properties
c. Click on Device Manager
d. Right click on the Unidentified Device
e. Go to Properties
f. Go to the Drive tab
g. Click on Update Driver…
h. Browse my computer for driver software
i. Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
j. Windows Common Controller for Window Class
k. Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Version.
l. Update Driver Warning
m. Click Yes

My 360 fight pad started requiring that out of the blue one day, the driver wont stick through an unplugging.

It seems in later windows updates if the controller has a name different than “Official 360 controller” it wont use the driver automatically.


Has anyone been able to get two fight sticks working at the same time for versus on PC?