Latest update is accessing Kernel levels in your PC


Edit: It looks like Capcom tried to implement an anti-cheat driver to prevent the use of the 1-round survival mod and other illegal tools. They went over the top and made our PCs vulnerable to all kinds of abuse. I used the method described in the link below to detect the driver and delete it.

Edit2: I succeeded in fixing the graphical issues: Although my resolution was set properly, it wasn’t recognized by the game. I reset all graphic options and it worked again.

So after installing the latest update on PC, SFV didn’t want to launch anymore. After restarting, the game launched, but it can’t connect to the internet. On top of that, all my character models look like I’m running the game on Low spec mode. But that’s not even the worst thing. While looking for an answer, I found something frightening on reddit/steamcommunity forums: It looks like SFV’s latest update opens up your PC for all kinds of abuse by creating a back door which can allow a non-privileged user to run code with permissions of the kernel:



This is being discussed in general but its best this had it’s own thread. This is easily the dumbest thing Capcom has done with this game.


PC master race drove them to the edge! It’s their fault!

Poor poor Capcom. :confounded:


After reading a little about what the rootkit does, I decided to remove the file and to wait for Capcom to patch the game before running it again.
Sadly I won’t be surprised at this point if Capcom will end up dropping the game entirely on PC.


Doubts that an option with the model they adopted or Steam start refunding and Cap would be handing it back.


Steam just downloaded a 33MB patch for me. I started SF5 and there’s no capcom.sys to be found in System32 folder. Might be over?

edit: Capcom confirms


Capcom’s inability to deliver on PC is hilarious but it’s not exactly new.

I remember reading finnish gaming magazine back in 2007, that the released PC port of Resident Evil 4 was first entirely missing in-game lightning and shadows. You were forced to get day-1 mod to solve the issue while official patch was released like month later.


Japanese devs in general have a sad story with PC. Most of them simply avoid developing games for it because the Japanese PC market is relatively small and it’s too much effort for very small cash. Steam is filled with terrible ports from Japanese console games (whether indie or big ones) that nobody even cared to optimize beyond the most basic level.


Their biggest issue was piracy concerns that’s why their PC market never gained any growth and most of the big names ignored the PC market. On the development part PC’s were widely used as coding and designing platforms that integrated with consoles dev-kits but beyond that Japan is probably behind the rest of world when it comes to hardcore PC development they are simply 10 years off.

I bet the immediate removal of rootkit was forced by either Capcom USA/Europe and maybe even Steam such rootkit would have probably given Capcom a run for their money on the level of the “Sony BMG scandal” if people started filing lawsuits at their face for compromising their PC’s even Microsoft could file a lawsuit at them for injecting a backdoor into their OS !

Japan got some weird laws concerning computer security/copyright so I guess whoever thought of the rootkit didn’t really expect such backlash.


To be fair, that port of resident evil 4 (and dmc 3 se) was done by Ubisoft, who mangled the FUCK out of both of them. It’s not a great excuse, but there is one.


Wow I was away from the game all September. Do I still have to go in manually and delete it? First I’m hearing about this.


Nope, the patch went live on the 23rd and the file was removed after the shitstorm on the 24th.
There shouldn’t be an issue… buuuuut just to be sure, go to \Steam\steamapps\common\StreetFighterV\Tools and run the DeleteSFVdriver_en.bat


Thanks. I’m actually gonna go look at this right now. Appreciate it.