LAUGH + INFILTRATION + WOLFKRONE looking to play vs SoCal tomorrow


We’re staying in LA this week till we head to Norcal on Friday, and we are seeing if it’s possible to get a session going somewhere since WNF isn’t going down tonight AFAIK.

It’s kind of late notice, but we thought why not try.


Laugh, there is UCI fight nights thats taking its place for a moment. Dons arcade has gatherings on friday as well. Alex’s arcade is coin-op location open daily


Come down to Family fun arcade, there’s 8 cabs all linked up for AE.
I can get a lot of players to come tonight or tomorrow.


Thanks guys for the suggestions. We’ll see if we can make it to one of those locations today, but chances aren’t looking very good because it’s our last day in LA till NCR but we’ll discuss our odds.

Once again, thanks!