Laughing Hysterically While Losing

ummm, i noticed something about myself… and i think its becoming a habit…

i get so excited… or have too much fun while playing sf3rd strike in the arcades…

that … if i feel pressure… or i see my loss coming… that round… or something inevitable is about to happen…

i start laughing hysterically…

my question is…

would you find this offensive?

is what i am doing rude?

i think… i start screaming somewhere in between my laughs … and say OH OH oh~


i think it just shows that you can take losing… and attempt to somehow make a lighter situation out of the loss even if you’re initially upset.

i personally see this as a good thing. it’s sure better than people that get pissed and “serious” every single time they lose.

everybody should be able to joke about themselves one way or another.

i think thats awesome
cuz its just a damn game

Your not ready for the big leagues.

If you want a tight ass, honest answer, I’d be kind of pissed if it was a serious game. Laughing is like saying that you weren’t really trying, or something. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want some guy laughing like he has some sort of trick up his sleeve after I’ve beat him.

Hi “storyteller83,” best of luck with your thread! :smile:

That’s dope. I laugh at everything so…:tup:

storyteller83 is a Story Teller.

While playing: laughing >>>> getting aggro

I’m with ya though. If I get womped badly I laugh as well.

I kind of used to play someone who did this in marvel. Dude just comes and plays, not in a group, which by itself is understandable, but… it creepsme the fuck out.

i would rather someone laugh than get pissed and punch the machine or something.

I chuckle when I lose or exasperate or whatever. If you’re full on bawling with laughter, I’d take that as weird. If you’re just laughing somewhat, I don’t think anyone would take it too serious.

There are times when I’m playing some of my friends, I start to laugh like crashing when winning (sometimes when losing too… I dunno, its random. It’s like I have no control over it or something, lol).

Still, happens mainly when I’m winning.

I only laugh when i’m winning. which is evertime I play. NOW that is offensive.

Best guile player does this. [media=youtube]5vNFYa-8l7k[/media]

theres this fob kid i know that starts laughing hysterically whenever he gets hit by an uppercut. about 5x louder if it kills him. i’m afraid of his reaction if he ever wins…

Daigo: >(…serious biznas!
Muteki: Iori win laugh

Eh I tend to laugh sometimes regardless of me winning or losing…especially when I did something I know I shouldn’t have been doing but I did it anyway regardless of whether it works or not. I can play seriously while not turning into the Hulk when I get my ass whipped. The closest thing I’ve come to being mad is being frustrated at certain aspects of a game and then indifference…usually I end up reminding my self first and foremost that IT’S A DAMN GAME.

I laugh (well, smirk and chuckle) when im getting my ass handed to me, mainly so i dont cry though lol.
But sometimes i yell “HAI!!” when i win a hard beat.

Daigo: I’m winning, buhhhhh. I’m losing, buhhhhh. I won, buhhhhh.

Anyway, the laughing reflex might actually be a benifit. Do you laugh AS you are losing or RIGHT AFTER you lost? If it happens as you are losing, it might catch someone off if they aren’t use to it.