Laughinghyena Interviews

Hey guyz!

For the past couple of weeks I have conducting interviews of fighters. So far it has taken off very well and I would like to extend an invitation to all of the fighters in here if any of you would like to be interviewed. This is open to everyone and the interview will be post every week on my website.

So feel free and let me know if you would like to share your thoughts on fighters, this generation of games and where its going or where you would like it to be.

Send me a PM and ill send you the questions.

Thanks guyz!

gootecks 2.0

Hows that?

sent pm. holla. im down with this since he is opening it up to anyone, which hopefully will allow for a more diverse opinion out there other than your usual 5 that are mostly in interviews.

That’s one ghetto ass website. You should steal some themes if you’re not going to code a website yourself.

you too can create a free website with weebly

Thanks for the support guys.

those who PMed me I sent you information about the questions.

WEAK! - alex

So the first “interview” on your site is a reworded version of one already on SRK? Come on man

9/26/2009 Interviewee


Ah no.

Its just questions that I made to ask fighters that would like to be interviewed. I?m sorry that if you feel that that questions seems like its from another interview but its not and that?s just sheer coincidence. I am new at doing a lot of what I have planned, so forgive my noobness.

Over the years I see that there are a lot of people in here that like to share their opinion and give positive criticism, that?s great and I?m all about that. However the number of people who like to say random things and putting someone down for no reason just to gain attention, that?s alone, has no business in here.

That?s just one of many reason why I barley come to SRK anymore.

I still continue to come to SRK because I love my SF community and I all I want to do is help and to make the fighting community shine in any possible way. The interviews are just a start of things to come.

@ Debaser Brent happens to be the second interview that I posted from a great lineup of players that sent back their interview.


false bump. never got a pm. do not want

I agree.

Send me a PM dude.

PM sent

i didnt get a pm

PM sent.

planning to in the future.

Newest interview is up:

DMG Projectjustice

Hey thats me!:love: