Launch magic series hg xx tempest, can you do it too fast?

is it possible to cancel out of hg too fast with tempest? i swear, sometimes i’ll hear him say hyp- xx magnetic tempest, but no hg comes out.

also, it seems easier to do if you slow down the magic series for me. lp pause lk pause mp pause mk pause ad/up magic fast hg xx tempest, but that’s probably more in the head.

yes u can do it too fast. what i would do is just forget about the MT and practice doing magic series hyper grav and then after u see it do a MT. it wont connect but then keep doing it and u gradually do the MT earlier and earlier until u find out the perfect timming.

dont bother slowing down the magic series it doesnt matter since the hit stun after mk is all u care about.

i feel you

you know it. Everything in marvel is timing. I learned hg xx tempest from doing it over and over again. i would sit down for an hour every day working on it. Visual cues didn’t really work for me. So i had to just learn the timing. in the air after launch> lp> lk> start rolling backwards starting with over >mp>mk> lk hyper grav xx MT. This way gave me more time to do the MT and allowed me not to have to rush it. If you need more help let me know because i know the pain involved in learning it. Now i do it 90% of the time in matches. When i mess up its cuz i do it too fast. I actually have to slow my reflexes down because i’m so focused. Once you learn it tho… your opponents will start mashing out:confused: But still it’s good while it lasts. oh and if you check the damage with the double magic tempest and the single it’s about the same. I would just work on the single. when you master that then go for the flash.

i can do it normally in like casuals , alone, with friends LOL i get to matches i dunno wtf is with me , for some reason i screw up the HG but ill do the temptest. it’s annoying but oh well, i think i maybe got it off like 2-3 times in a actual match

i guess slowing down the magic series for me calms me down a bit; i’ve been getting it more often now.

i know all about that as well. If you don’t do the HG but do the Tempest, that means you are no putting in all the commands. I know it sounds obvious but stay with me. Just like Cable when you do a AHVB or sj cancel any move, you will help yourself out if you go past where you need to go. So start a little above over, and go a little past back and press the lk or RH. It made a world of difference to me. It wont go into another move and won’t throw off your timing. Wait till you learn to tri-jump infinite and ROM. HGxxTempest will seem mad easy.

As far as slowing down the magic… i guess you could until you really get it down. But man marvel is so fast.

yea im just too use to playin certian friends all the time and the friends i play with are not that good they are only so good so, it’s like when i go play a real match it’s like holy hell i can’t do much at all lol and when something actually works i guess im not use to playin real matches because then it’s a suprise to me that i actually got somethin to work without them stoppin it or an assist screwin me over. but overall i just switched up my team really, Silver Samuari, Cyke, Cable. i been actaully doing rather well with those 3. I don’t think ill be usin magneto till i get all the things down that i wanna without a problem or close enough to it,… u play HF at all on 360 ryan?

i must not because i don’t even know what that stands for. Hyper fighting?? I’m still praying for marvel online. It’s funny because i have the same problem you have. tho i didn’t give up on mags. I’ve taken many a beating at the arcade for using MSP. But i stuck with it and stopped playing scrub (cable/sent/commando) Mag had to get better. Once you get past capcom and cyclops and doom and start learning to bait them and also not take the bait, you’ll learn where and how to get in. Plus you have the double snap threat all the time. Stay with him. Tactics are much better than combos. If you don’t believe me then watch some of magnetro’s matches. He does nasty combos and infinites and everything. But he gets murdered in tournament matches.

i didn’t read this thread, but it could be answered with one word…yes.

outside of that, i was just going to every1 know that all hypergraps tempests are not the same, some are harder to mash out than others…why u ask?

the way to make your hg temp hard to mash is two parts…create the most distance between you and your opponent yet the hypergrasp still combo (this is the reason many top players ad/f and do some attacks before hypergrasp tempest)…AND, do the “white” kind. The “white” kind is cancelling into the tempest AS SOON AS HYPERGRASP IS FORMING. it will look white when the screen flashes, and then look like regular hypergrasps when it grabs them, but the reason this makes it harder is that it gives less time for the hypergrasps to travel to the opponent so = less time to mash out. just thought i’d give a little 411 to these bunk magnus forums.

I play mags but just not as my main + i enjoy Silver Samuari more for some reason, + the enjoyment of the abuse his lightning super does. but like i said ill play mags still and i do practice with him, i just don’t wanna go nuts with it atm Samuari, Cyke and Cable normally or i do Cammy over cable sometimes , fun team and works .

i always thought that as soon as u do the magnetic tempest, or any other move for that matter, the opponent can mash out of hypergrab. u ever notice when ppl mess up or do it by accident and only the hypergrab comes out and it connects, they fall down with magneto still contained in the hypergrab so i think what u wantto achieve is to minimize the time between the instant u do the Magnetic Tempest and the instant the shards of metal hit ur opponent, thus u want ur opponent as close to u as possible so they have the least amount of time to mash before they get hit by a shard of metal.

i wouldn’t steer you wrong =)

the closer they are, the more time they spend in the hypergrasp aka the easier it is to mash for two reasons…you have more time and they can start mashing as soon as you do it, whereas if you do it the way, lets say, yipes does it, which is

sj.lp,, sj.lp, sj.d+lk, ad/f magic series hypergrasp tempest, then you create distance, what the distance does is decrease the time AND they do not get grabbed right away, what that does is…some people mash as soon as they think its coming (hence why some people get hit when people mess up and just do hypergrasp by itself, and then for some odd reason stop mashing after they are hit), and you can’t do that if you set it up right, if you set it up this way, you actually have to time when you START mashing. there is an art to this shid =)

and also, when you can get your hypergrasp to come out white, they are harder to mash…but makin the screen flash when they are white is like…a just frame in tekken or something, hard to get consistently