Launcher > mk.tackle xx aegis reflector



i have been playing as urien for quite a while now, but suddenly, i can’t seem to cancel mk.tackle into aegis reflector anymore. i tried executing AR at various times, but they seem to only come out 10% of the time

fireball xx AR works fine btw

any help here?


Try this method: When you do cr.HP, hold downback. When you do the tackle, go from downback into forward+MK Tackle in one smooth motion, then do another QCF into P for Aegis Reflector.

:db:+:hp: (hold :db: ) -> :qcf: + :mk: -> :qcf: + :p:


ok. your method works better, probably because it delayed my AR a bit

with that being said, i think i have found the problem. i have been trying to execute AR too early. tackle can seem to be only cancellable after a few milliseconds the tackle hits, not during


Well, you can also substitute MK Tackle with the LK version. The difference in damage is very little, not to mention it’s easier to cancel(like Ken’s MP->HP->Fireball xx SA3 and MP->HP xx SA3).