Laura General Thread: Who The Hell Is Sean?

Since she’s now been officially announcedsomeone at Sony ended up leaking her again, this time with her official trailer to boot. Here’s a brand new thread for Laura.

Now the [previous thread](Beleza Elétrica: The Laura Thread was locked because a bunch of trolls started causing fights over her skin color. This, despite the fact that actual Brazilian members stated that her skin color was accurate.

As such, there will be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on this thread regarding bringing that up once again.

Hey d3v, can you ban the offenders if they act up again. Most of us were actually discussing the character. As for Laura what are everyone’s thoughts on her martial art? Matsuda Jiu Jitsu implies some sort of link with Sean. I’m guess she’s merely a student of his grandfather. Anyone think there is an actually blood relation?

Matsuda style must have some type of electric powers and she just applied it to her Jiu Jutsu hence the name. I know Sean didn’t have electric powers, but he could if he comes back. Just like Ken having flaming fireballs.

I’ll say it here, I like her stuff so far, but her CA is ridiculous. Too over the top.

Matsuda is Sean’s last name. I agree with you on her CA. It’s the only thing I didn’t like about her trailer. It’s my least favorite CA thus far.

Definitely gonna use that CA for trolling.

I think that was his plan all along…

The trailer certainly was not as hype as let’s say … Ken’s or Necalli’s. Aside from that, I really look forward to playing her. Probably the most interesting move she has is that slow moving fireball …

Blanka is Sean’s grandfather.

Electricity aside, her CA her CA is obviously a Blanka shout out. Plus, this in a game with Karin spinning people like the Wheel of Fortune or Cammy literally changing directions mid-air despite not being able to fly?

Seems fine to me.

I’m glad Ono didn’t get to troll us.

I hope she uses a lot of legitimate command grabs and not just hitgrabs.

Anyone get a gauge on the start up and recovery of her projectile? It looks like it could provide good mix up potential, but I would hope it have relatively fast start up and recovery due to it’s limited range.

There’s a difference between pushing the limitations of video game physics with what Karin/Cammy do and Laura grabbing you, becoming a ball, and rolling across the square of a screen that doesn’t exist elsewhere besides on our TV/monitor. She might as well be a telekinetic. >.>

But even though Ono’s trolling and setup got ruined and the trailer making ti a bit hard to make out what she can really do, I’m interested in her. That fireball looks cool.

I like her CA.

Killer Bee Assault. Bloody High Claw. Misogi. Guren Enjinkyaku.

Do I need to keep listing all the supers in the series that rape the laws of physics?

Oh didn’t realise a new Laura thread was up. I’ll just quote the theory from GD thread.

People aren’t saying that there aren’t stupid looking supers in the Street Fighter series. But that this is one of the stupidest ones.

It’s one of the ones where you look at it and can only laugh at how silly it looks.

Sean’s grandfather is full blooded Japanese. It’s A)Why he has knowledge of Jiu Jitsu and B)Why Sean’s family name is Matsuda.

Akuma U2 Says Hi.

Nevermind, I see you didn’t list it as the most stupid move, but rather as one of them.

This thread needs a new name, i suggest “Choque do Trovão” could work.

Any Super that uses the wall on stages with no walls look goofy, Laura’s is ok, nothing impressive but gets the job done (better than a simple suplex at least).

i love her CA, reminds me of Uriko’s super in bloody roar

@ 18 seconds