LAURA Match Up Thread


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Anyone having a hard time against Laura ? My buddy is raining her and he is kicking my ass with her. Granted I’m still getting used to Bison but man. Next time we play I’ll upload some videos of our matches. She seems safe or at least Bison can’t really punish her. And she’s so damn quick. I feel like I sped most of my time running from her to get some distance.

I do, I have issues with taking heat up close.

I’ve noticed her cr.MK clipping my ankles a lot. It’s kind of difficult to counter poke her up front because Bison moves slow and her cr.MK, s.HK are good counters. So far my best approach is just blocking and waiting for her to push herself out and counter poke with s.MK and s.HP xx Blast.

Laura’s wake up armored grab isn’t scary to me anymore. If you can nail a cross up or fake a j.MK, s.MP, confirm into cr.MP xx EX-Inferno and empty jump into a s.HK. You will crush it and lead into df.MP, cr.MP xx Inferno again or Knee Press into VTrigger.

If she blocks, continue pressure because you’re +3 off a blocked s.HK.

I think after blocking a LK Knee Press, they love to tape cr.MK or s.HK. Block it and let her push out. If she jumps at you, you’re at the near perfect range to swipe her out of the air with cr.HP.

I’ll give these a shot. He seems to always jump in at a range bad for my cr.FP and it seems like his cr.MK always beats me out. I feel like I’m at a very disadvantage fighting against Laura. Hopefully these tips will get him to be afraid of just rushing in with no care and doing what ever he pleases. Also doesn’t help that I’ve transitioned from pad to stick a couple ,months ago. I’m good with stick but still have to think somewhat and still jump sometimes when going to a stand block from crouching block. Also I’m struggling with " do I want to loose my charge and go for inferno of SK? " Well he’ll be over today and I’m going to record all our fights and load them. Hopefully other Laura players who play this way will help us find a way to stop him and not have Laura have her way Bison.

Practice neutral jump MP~MP, Inferno/Scissor Kicks it’s actually really good in my experience.

I land SK more often than Inferno. The timing for Inferno can either push you too forward or miss. I’ll practice with inferno more because I believe it gives more damage. Let me check right now nope SK gives you more damage all three versus inferno. Thanks for your help. Everything is new so people are getting away with things I feel like they shouldn’t and its because I haven’t found the right answer for it all yet but I will . lol

Psycho Blast gives out more damage than SK and Inferno and it seems to be more reliable. And you can still cancel into CA. I think I’m going to stick with this. And use inferno in case I don’t have any charge for a sudden jump to get away.

Edit: I was wrong psycho blast gives more stun not damage. decisions decisions lol.

The trade off from the damage between Knee Press and Inferno is that you have pressure setups after knocking people down with Inferno. She’s doesn’t have a huge threat on the ground so Bison can put some big pressure on her too.

[url=“http://”]] <-- this is what I’m talking about. I know theres things I can do but its hard to keep calm with this Laura all in my face and she can close in so damn fast.

[url=“http://”]] Sorry for the bad copy. I haven’t purchased one of those game recorders yet. I’ll make sure to upload better but you can see pretty good.

You’re pushing too many buttons when he’s not even in throw range.

You can block the fireball~VSkill overhead and I think it’s punishable so you can start some momentum that way.

Her crouch roundhouse sweep is -12 on block. You can do s.HP xx HK Knee Press VT combos on that. It’s a tight punish but if you are close enough to use cr.MP xx Special instead, do that.

If you’re feeling the heat with the fireball setups, VReversal it and reset the neutral

ok so I’m going to keep the buttons down to a minimum. and by crouch roundhouse do you mean hard kick? because he’s using crouch medium kick. forgot to quote you so @SUPARNOVAX

Block it and let the push back move you away.

Here see how these guys did their damage and if it helps

[quote=“SUPARNOVAX, post:12, topic:177927”]

Block it and let the push back move you away.

Here see how these guys did their damage and if it helps


good vids. Theres some things I’m forgetting like I’m doing better at him. I can win rounds now lol. I’m getting some good stun blocks and get some damage because he just wants to press buttons. Laura overhead is still a little hard for me to block. I’ll upload some more later on today. Hope this helps other people out.

ok I have some more videos for Laura. This is my buddy and me. Was a little lag online as you can see some attacks fell through that he shouldn’t of gotten away with. He won most of the battles this time but earlier it was neck and neck but my ps4 didn’t want to record it for some reason.

Edit: also I was trying to see how affective back dashing was against Lauras command grab. works but I’m still new to using stick so I’m not as good with dashing forward and backwards efficiently. Jumping is risky in case she does an AA. Also the Axe move works against the back dash and the HK is perfect if you see a forward dash coming from a mk. always crush counters. and even beats command grabs if you see it early enough. Glad I went from asking for to help actually offering something. And feel free to offer some advice I know I made some mistakes against him its just playing against this guy kind of pisses me off lol.

I was getting ruined in this matchup because I didn’t know backdashes aren’t invulnerable in this game lol. But since Bison gets a lot of damage/good knockdown situations off neutral jump her command grab can be pretty risky. That said since you don’t have any invincible moves outside of super you’re taking big risks yourself. I think the MU is even.

Some stuff I’ve noticed:
*ending your combos with EX Scissors is great against her because of the hard knockdown, her wakeup options aren’t much better than yours. In VT end with either EX Scissors or EX Inferno -> EX Stomp.
*stand MK is a great normal against her, but watch for her EX moves.
*when she cancels her normals into her v-skill dash, it is NOT SAFE. mash lights or throw when you see that happen. Safe in V-Trigger though.
*she tends to win the air-to-air game against Bison with jump MK and HK (the butt), and crouch HP tends to trade with her jump MK, but I’d favor the trade over just losing in the air. Stand LP is good too sometimes. Really just need to figure out all the situational anti-airs against her…
*once she has V-Trigger she’s pretty scary, so keep the pressure up early on and try to get her to use V-Reversals. and V-Reversaling her hit grab special is a good idea as well.

Also some punishes I researched:
*stand HK -> punish with stand LK.
*sweep -> SUPER punishable up close, stand HK works, from far away do stand HP.
*hit grab MP -> if you can identify this from the LP one you can punish with crouch MP.
*overhead (v-skill) -> stand MP or crouch MP.

Laura is fucking tough if she gets a knockdown and can start her pressure vortex. I think Bison wins if he can keep her off of him for a little while. Establish that you have strong defense, punish elbow with cr.LP xx Blast, be aware if jump ins and punish with hell attack or cr.HP. If you have a good read CA can help to deal with her meaty projectiles mixup but not the EX one I think, since it does too many hits and nullify the CA orb.

Also, she doesn’t handle the pressure well once you’re in unless she has her EX elbow.

This match is the shits imo.

One of the matches where Bison’s slow walk speed really hurts. Reminds me a lot of Abel vs Guile except Bison’s projectile is worse. You don’t even want to use scissors because it just leaves you ready for her vortex. Only way to win is to out footsie, stay out of range without walking yourself into the corner (this part is where you win or lose the match) and go in on her wakeup if she has no meter. You have to be on point with

Yep. I got stomped 3 times by Lauras last night. When she gets in you are in serious trouble.

I’ve been having a really easy time with her now. back dashing escapes all her setups and leaves her open. You can almost always predict her ex elbow. I don’t even bother jumping not at all when fighting her unless going for a cross up. My buddy would beat me so bad with her that now he has a hard time with me. Most laura players like to use the skill dash after mk or all you have to do is throw out that knee and its always a CC. I wish I had recorded some more beneficial videos against my buddy. next time I play him I’ll upload them.

I’m not sure if this is super obvious or not, but if they’re out at jump range charging a fireball (idk, online players) you can just jump at her with j>HK aimed at her head, you won’t trade. You’ll hit her clean. Projectile goes away quickly enough.