Laura Match Up Thread



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I’m not sure how to feel about this matchup.

On one hand her getting in his super bad for Guile due to frametraps and unpredictable mixups.

Guile probably slightly beats her in neutral due to longer normals and overall better projectile but her projectile is multi-hit even with minimal charge.


Pay attention to Laura’s metre. EX elbow into grab blows through fireballs and is really annoying.

A lot of players use LP elbow as part of a block string so be aware of her follow ups like command grab or normal grab. Neutral jump if you know this is coming. Her V-skill is unsafe on block and is an overhead.


I think it’s probably even or Guile slightly wins.


Her lp elbow is -2 on block. Since her ex elbow doesn’t have armor till frame 3 you can jab her out of anything except super if they use it in a block string. If you neutral jump she can dash under you and your in a very bad spot. The rest of your post is good definitely good info.


I watched ChrisG play some unknown top 200 Laura last night and he was completely lost once she got in. He was unable to tech any of her throws due to the distraction of her superior inside game. In neutral the long range of her overhead proved to be the difference. Hopefully ISDD will get in some matches against Wolfkrone so we can see this matchup better. ISDD mained Laura before switching to Guile and he’s got a ton more of experience having mained Guile since SF4.

I predict this matchup as even or slightly unfavorable since Guile probably needs to reserve both his meters for reversals.