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Matchup Thread -- Nash
Nash vs Laura
Nash Match-Ups Thread

I’m really having trouble with her step elbow -> LP infinite frame trap. Is there something Nash can do about this?


This bitch is my nightmare, any help posted on this thread will be appreciated. I always feel like I am on the guessing end at all times.


Did some testing today. Here is the frame advantage Laura is at after her various knockdowns.

[] Back throw, forward dash: +2
] Forward throw: At least +15 but less than +19
[] Cr.HK, dash forward: +8 on quickrise, +13 on back roll
] HP Bolt Charge: +20,
[] HP Bolt Charge, dash forward: Neutral
] Split River (MP Bolt Charge, P followup ): +9
[] Rodeo Break (MP Bolt Charge, K followup): +17
] LK/MK/HK/EX Sunset Wheel: +13

It’s -2 on block. Just jab her.

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One of my worst match ups, but I feel I generally lose the match myself rather than being helpless against her.

The thing I struggle with the most is her weird floaty jump and angle; I just can’t seem to space it right to get a reliable anti-air or for her not to crossup all the time. I also feel a lot of my anti-airs trade with her jump in attacks. I must be using the wrong anti-airs at the wrong spacing. Generally, she’s just a bad fireball/good jump in away from wrecking my shit completely.

I tend to do better when I keep her at mid-range; just outside her normals and right inside my long-range pokes and not bother too much with fireballs. Obviously you have to watch out for her EX-elbow when she has a bar.

I just can’t get a grip on this match to the point where I feel like I’m controlling the pace; I’m constantly playing reactionary or hope she walks into one of my far-range pokes.


You would think that would work, except she can just opt to block. Online that shit really does feel like an infinite loop, when she’s mixing in st.jab, st.short, st.strong into jab elbow or V-Skill dash into throw, repeat. I was maining Bison, but I gave up because Laura is impossible to beat. With Nash she’s way more manageable, but still a nightmare. Whoever thinks she’s “low tier” or near the bottom is out of their mind. Once she’s in, she’s pretty much stuck on you like glue, and the only way out (if in the corner) is a V-Reversal, or V-Trigger in the case of Nash. But even that’s not completely safe if it’s expected.

She also seems to be able to jump in for free against any character without an invincible reversal AA or someone with a very good vertical normal (not Nash), and is impossible to jump in against at most distances due to both her ridiculous st.MP that may as well be a shoryuken, or her HP bolt charge. The only thing that seems to work is a j.HK, but it trades.


She can block it, yes, and? If you’ve got Laura blocking your st.LP, then it’s now your turn to press the offense. It works just fine.

V-Skill has a distinct animation and is always extremely negative when cancelled from a blocked normal. It’s reactable. I wouldn’t take online gimmicks into consideration for a matchup discussion.


I’m so free against her. theres never not a fireball on screen and if i sonic boom it shes at the apex of her jump in and then she’s got a free combo :expressionless:


So I’ve been playing some Laura in some offline sessions and from my time with her I’ve found that when she’s in, you’re going to have a bad time. On the up side though, she should struggle getting in.
My opinion at the moment -
Focus on keeping her from getting in with your better buttons.
Throw only safe booms and unless you’re full screen don’t throw any when she has meter.
If she gets in V-Reversal is really good as a getaway tool.
Her j.MK can be a pain to anti air so consider burning the bar for Ex-Sonic Scythe. Has the added bonus of creating a decent amount of space or you can follow it up with a meaty set up.
If you knock her down, don’t be afraid to pressure. Her Ex-Elbow doesn’t have armour at the start. I’m not sure on the exact frames but you don’t have to respect it as much as I originally thought.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this match up is easy. When playing her against my friends Ken I had to respect him or potentially eat a MP-Shoryu into 250+ damage. Nash doesn’t have that “Respect Me” factor.
Again, these are just my thoughts but I honestly feel like this match up falls in Nash’s favour but she always has that potential to just roflstomp you with a couple of good guesses/reads.


There has been friends of mine who plays Laura and does that spam 236LP a lot so if I think they’re going to spam it after once I usually mash on st.FP for a crush counter.
Since she’s on a -2 after that elbow of 236LP if they try to spam it or press anything st.FP usually does crush counter even if they block it u can just fp sonic boom cancel it.


Yeah, her LP-Elbow being -2 means you can just press jab after it and she has to respect it. If not you get a full combo.
In my opinion if that Elbow was 0 or -1 she should be stupid strong since she has a 3-frame jab. Half the cast (Us Nash’s included) wouldn’t be able to touch her.


LP Elbow is -2 but you still have to be careful if Laura has Super. That’ll beat anything you throw out on the ground


i hate this match up. i’ve been having lots of problems with her random EX elbow absorb.


The range on the Ex-Elbow really isn’t that far. Whenever she has meter I force a large amount of space between us.
If you’re having problems with her Ex-Elbow on wake up, make sure you’re meaty-ing her since it doesn’t gain Armour until the 3rd frame.
If it’s a problem of them punishing your buttons or projectiles with the Armour, take it to training mode and learn the range on it. Once you know the range, if they do it you’re going to get a free combo.

Honestly, the only time I have any problems in this match up is when I allow them to get in and they start going ham with the mix ups and resets, and that’s purely down to me misplaying.


yeah the problem is with zoning with boom or normals and she throws it out there. i agree that the mix ups are what makes this a very hard match up but if i let one EX elbow in, the mix ups start.


Limit your SB usage if she has meter then. You can definitely control neutral in this matchup with just your normals, I feel this matchup only gets difficult after she lands a series of knockdowns, before all that it feels like it’s in Nash’s favor.

EX Elbow is mad risky and a full c.HP punish if you block, play less carelessly and guaranteed you wont get hit by this move as much.


I’ve realized that I’ve been throwing a lot of bad Sonic Booms after knocking her down, so I’ve done some testing to see when I can throw a Sonic Boom while being safe midscreen. Here are the results if Laura quick rises.

LK Sonic Scythe:
[] LP Sonic Boom - Safe (hits), but the timing is tight (mostly unsafe)
] MP Sonic Boom - Unsafe
[] HP Sonic Boom - Safe (EX Bolt Charge is blocked)
] EX Sonic Boom - Safe (hits)

MK Sonic Scythe:
[] LP Sonic Boom - Safe (EX Bolt Charge is blocked)
] MP Sonic Boom - Safe (EX Bolt Charge is blocked)
[] HP Sonic Boom - Safe (EX Bolt Charge is blocked)
] EX Sonic Boom - Safe (hits)

HK Sonic Scythe:
[] LP Sonic Boom - Safe (hits)
] MP Sonic Boom - Safe (EX Bolt Charge is blocked)
[] HP Sonic Boom - Safe (EX Bolt Charge is blocked)
] EX Sonic Boom - Safe (hits)

EX Sonic Scythe (grounded):
[] LP Sonic Boom - Unsafe
] MP Sonic Boom - Unsafe
[] HP Sonic Boom - Safe (EX Bolt Charge is blocked)
] EX Sonic Boom - Safe (hits)

EX Sonic Scythe (anti-air or juggle):
[] LP Sonic Boom - Unsafe
] MP Sonic Boom - Unsafe
[] HP Sonic Boom - Unsafe
] EX Sonic Boom - Safe (EX Bolt Charge is blocked)


ran into 2 Laura’s last night and lost both and the rematches. this is my worst match up. some stuff i picked up strategy wise:

-zoning with booms and normals works against her but avoid being driven into the corner at all costs. fish for that ex elbow and punish hard.
-AA with vskill at least once so if you get your ass in the corner you have some way to escape after blocking some strings.
-Laura’s throws seem to take her momentum away mid screen. they are really good though in the corner. fight it out mid stage.
-bait with dash in/out and neutral jump from mid screen or more.
-if all else fails, go ham on this bitch. it’s better than being in the corner against her.

that’s all i can find at the moment. thanks to everyone contributing. this match up is giving me a headache but it’s a good challenge.


i have a friend who likes to just set up a charged thunder clap(?) and try to cross me up on wake up after a hard knockdown. I can block it all and tech the throw after his jump in but I’d rather just blow this situation up so he doesn’t wanna do it as much.

I need to get some lab time but so far I’ve tried v-reversal but the thunderclap is so slow I don’t get the hit stun right away and it fucks up my timing. I’m gonna try a couple things and report back, any ideas are welcome.



I’m a Laura player and came here to see what you thought of the matchup.

I have a couple of small tips against Laura.

  1. After a blocked LP Bolt you can try to jab, generally that will save you from a throw if your opponent like to try that risky thing. But if the bolt hit, you can either CA or tech throw. The general mixup is throw/command grab/back dash and HP/LP bolt (vortex).
  2. Unless you are desperate don’t use v-reversal. Why ? Because we can really easily react to it with a Bolt. You have 27f of recovery on the reversal so the MP bolt will hit.
  3. That’s no news but your moonsault is really not safe except if you make it safe with a sonic boon. We can AA it with s.MP and dash under or dash back etc to mix you up.
  4. You have some great normals and you can keep us always until we loose patience. Still be careful with spinning back knuckle because we can LP Bolt you on block.
  5. Be ready for our dashes, specially in V-trigger. They are all susceptible to crush counter punishes.

Laura’s MP Bolt, Hp Bolt, Ex Bolt and command grab (you can jab us out of it) are not safe. Oh and a s.HK is not safe if too close to you.

I hope that helps a bit but it is my view on the matchup and how I try to fight Nash.
After that, you just need to know our mixups, frame traps and combo resets to be ready for them that’s it.