Laura Normals breakdown



Hey people, I hadn’t found any place that consolidated all the info about how Laura’s normals can be used, so hence this topic

5LP is 3f start up, so very fast, leaves you +2 on block, +3 on hit, combos into itself, cancels to LP Bolt, and doesn’t have too much pushback, useful for stopping people with bad frametraps. Can AA in some ranges, but not amazing for that

2LP is 4f, and doesn’t combo to LP elbow, not sure of any particular use aside from tick throws, but you can use 5LP for that.

5LK 4f start up, really positive on hit or block, combos into itself, cancels to LP Bolt, more pushback than above but from point blank range, 5LK tick throw with command grab works. Great poke if you’re in range, good for harassing.

2LK her fastest low hitting normal but negative on block. Combos into itself or cancels into super. Not very useful

5MP is very meaty, combos to 2MP on counter hit, and is one of your two go-to anti-airs. Decently nice hitbox but pretty short range still so use it when opponent fails to quick rise, or is close but negative, or again, for AA

2MP is a great poke, pretty active, combos into MP Bolt. CH 5MP, 2MP xx MP Bolt is a really common combo. Short range but plus on hit or block and comes out quick.

5MK is a godlike poke/counterpoke with a great hitbox, moves you forward, puts her hurtbox back a bit, can be combo’d out of on counter hit. Great normal. It’s negative but safe on block, but at max range you can throw it out, then throw out 5LK as a frame trap to punish people who try to stick out something after you 5MK. Doesn’t work on people really really long range jabs like Vega, but great against a lot of the cast to discourage them from pressing anything after 5MK

2MK is a decent low attack that combos into LP Bolt. Not great for footsies, but a comboable normal so you’ll definitely get use out of it.

5HP is a Crush Counter, moves her forward, pretty good hitbox, good poke. negative on block but safe.

2HP is a godlike counterpoke because her hurtbox is above and behind, so it beats other low attacks cleanly, easily. Pretty quick, and also negative but safe on block

5HK is a Crush Counter, is your longest reaching normal, -4 but safe from a distance, and safe as a meaty. Not great, but since it has the most range of anything, it’s necessary

2HK, not a great sweep, slowish, not great range, very easy to punish. Still more range than her other lows though so you’ll find uses for it in footsies.

j.MK is cross up, j.HK or HP is jump in, but HK moves your hurt box a bit so can make some AAs whiff sometimes. Jump back j.MP is a good late AA or for stopping crossup attempts in neutral that would probably make 5MP and HP Bolt miss.

6HP is long range but slowish and negative, though safe. Probably worth using occasionally in neutral, but mostly for meaties after certain knockdowns or combos. 6HP->HP is very unsafe on block. on hit it launches so you can cancel to HP Bolt to combo

5MP->5MK target combo is not cancelable or anything but it’s a great, easy hitconfirm into Vtrigger cancels. The 5MK in the target combo has the same frame data as normal 5MK, so plus on hit, negative on block, but still safe.

Let me know if I should make any adjustments or add any info guys.


Good idea we need to discuss her normals.

Here are what I want to add :

5LP is +3 on hit but +2 on block. Be careful not to spam that because you can get DP between 2 blocked 5LP.

2LP I use it to push a bit the opponent.

5LK not a bad normal but it is short. I use it mostly to harass after a LP. Bolt (or do another one) and to finish the opponent because it hits low (if I’m not mistaken).

2LK has a 4F startup, same as 2LP, so I don’t use it at all.

Otherwise I don’t have anything to add :slight_smile:


Why use 2LP instead of 5LP? 5LP is faster anyway so is there another aspect to it I’m missing?

I disagree that 5LK is short, or at least short enough to be worth having to not that specifically. I mean, yeah it’s a LK so it’s short in that sense, but it’s got enough range and it’s 4f so it’s totally a poke and counter poke.