Laura option select

Hello guys
Everyone here knows that laura has a bad wake up game, bad anti airs and problems to get in…so with that in mind I would like to share some option selects that help lessen those problems at least by a little

On wake up

Variation 1

Down downfoward foward upfoward xx 2 punches

Explanation: this option select cancel pre jump frames into her ex qcf, if you time it right it will beat throws, command throws, non-meaty normals that have high recorevery (birdie etc), will get you out of neutral jumps

Downside:I think crush counters break the armor (need test), ex qcf have 3 frames startup to become armor…so if get hit before that its a problem(meaty)

My video

Similar os with r.mika

Variation 2 (similar to momochi os )

Block 1 frame and do qcf upfront (tiger knee) xx 3 punches plinked into a

Explanation: this variation will tech normals throws the 1 frame you blocking , block meaty normals , block dragon punch, beat non crush counters normals that hit you when armored

Downside: lost to command grabs in frame you blocking and still lose if hit by something before the qcf becomes armored

My video

Similar os with r.mika

I think you guys understand that:
If block 1 frame risk get command grab, but block meaty normals and dragon punch
If use pre jumps into armor risk got hit by meaty normals or dp, but beat command grabs

The following it’s not exactly a option select

After a back throw

Dash foward and back throw again
If they stay on ground proceed as you like
If they neutral jump xx qcf hp
If they jump back qcf mp or ex qcf ( character specific …also can follow ex qcf with st.hp)
If they jump foward …jump back hk

I hope you guys contribute with anything you can find

it’ sso hard to time the jc ex elbows, I only got it once in ten minutes. :expressionless:

You can this with any specials
Even with her command grab and fireball

Man when you doing the tiger knee motion
You got match the grab frame with your jump frames, yes it very hard to do
Did you try the second option select? If can plink well it will be no problem

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Ill try later, how it’s performed? Just do the motions

The inputs are there - you just buffer the critical art when performing the thunder clap. If the opponent presses something and eats the projectile, then the critical art comes out. Otherwise there is a slight delay in the block string and it doesn’t. If the opponent is mashing a 3 frame normal; then it is likely that there will be a trade(?). Buffering the critical can be a good tool to use in various circumstances (when you are using claps from a slight distance with normals).