Laura Survival mode 1-28 LOOP/Infinite


so I’ve been doing this same combo from stage 1 to 28. For anyone having trouble, feel free to try this trick out.

At beginning of round, use qcf mp+K (Use Ex if you have) 95% of the time the AI isn’t going to block this. Afterwards, dash towards and do this string (even if it blocks) on the AI’s wake up → st.lp →st.lp → qcf LP. Continue until dead. I notice that the During this string, I notice the AI never tries to jab me out ( which is why this works)

Use the power up to speed up things, or heal yourself (I doubt you’ll need it)

Links showing it’s effectiveness.

And yet even with this it somehow seems fruitless to attempt to get these damn things.

that or my execution sucks that bad right now…

I really don’t know xD I just got sick of trying so I started doing this string and it worked.

after about 3 grueling hours of attempting this i finally smoothed out my issues and got the medium difficulty one completed. I gotta say after I picked it back up after being frustrated with it the method does work as advertised against most AI.

I noticed that Ryu, Vega, Nash and Necali require either a different string or they just don’t fall for it. Sometimes Bison doesn’t go for it either but i only noticed it not working on him at round 30 so again works as advertised.

For rounds 28-30 I just try to play them lol they got too smart

That was my strategy throughout Medium, although I did change it for Bison. Bison doesn’t handle fully charged Thunder Claps very well.

yeah xD just play around it if it doesn’t work. I haven’t tried to apply this tactic on levels higher than Normal mode. Let me know if it works! xD I’m not returning to Survival mode for a while.

I have a consistent strategy which has got me up to 40s a few times. Unfortunately my strategy against round 44 Mika isn’t sound yet.

EDIT: I’ve beaten hard survival!

There are various things you want to apply, depending on the character you’re fighting:

Most will fall for you repeatedly cancelling 2MP into H Clap. Sometimes you can get into a sequence where the opponent always does something that gets stuffed by the Clap. If the opponent blocks the Clap. Keep blocking and wait your turn. Some characters may punish you on block but just keep going with it.

Use V-Reversals whenever you can to regain momentum in your favour.

Ryu, Cammy, Chun-Li (might jab you out) will fall for 2LP, 2MP xx Overhead. Do not cancel into the overhead if the opponent is already standing. Usually if the opponent is crouching, they will stay crouching.

Zangief is like the first strategy, but add in a neutral jump 8MK. Zangief doesn’t seem to know what to do when you neutral jump.

I initially had an issue fighting Birdie at 43. If you do any combo into L Bolt, press 5LP, then go for a crossup it’ll usually hit. BnB into L Bolt and repeat. Also works on the Later Birdie

Nash, Mika, Dhalsim and F.A.N.G you just need to get in their face and press 5MK repeatedly. I don’t think Nash ever hit me. Mika you’ll trade with occasionally but you can go straight back into it. Dhalsim and F.A.N.G might beat you out of it from time to time.

Laura is the only character I haven’t nailed a consistent strategy with yet, but if you do mess up she doesn’t stomp on you too hard due to combos not having that high of a damage output.

I usually don’t use meter in these matches unless it would result in a KO. A lot of matches I’ll start with full bar and will use EX Clap to get in initially.