Laura's low profile properties



Hello guys, please take a look

Credits for frame trapped for the data

I just realized can have some utility against some moves

Anti crossup

Anti mika dropkick

I am pretty sure you guys can discover more and contribute here


Kind of showed me what I already know. Pretty good normals, garbage throw ranges. Why none of her throw ranges actually EXTENDS to her hands is beyond me. Oh but lets give Mika a fucking throwbox on her god damn hair. Shit pisses me off.

On a more positive note her s.M is really good clearly and i’ve managed to abuse her low profile with cr. mk quite often. It unfortunately won’t work against certain crossups like Bison’s.


Mika’s footsie game is weaker than Laura’s and her means of getting in is more risky and a little gimmicky (ie c.HP and charged HK). It’s give and take. Laura can’t have it all.


It’s doesn’t work on dhalsim teleport heavy punch =(


FYI, grab range is increased in V-Trigger.

Laura’s 2MK and 2HK will low profile Necalli’s H DP at range. Good move to use after Bolt P followup.


You talking about laura vtrigger or mika?

About Necalli, that’s a nice discover, can be a nice dp bait once in a while


Mika’s footsie game is FAR from weaker. How is charged HK risky? Its safe. There is 0 risk unless someone has fast enough reaction time to knock her out of it mid kick which I didn’t see happen once today at Final Round. I’d consider those 2 even in footsies. Its not as good sure but its not by much and makes up for it in other ways. Laura doesn’t.

Far from bad but she lacks a bunch compared to the rest of the cast. Its not even the fault in her design (much, still feel her grab range needs buffs). Its mostly the fault of the basic game mechanics and how the meta is currently forming. Of course this could change later but right now she loses to a lot and her mixups are just as gimmicky, just less reliable due to worse range and damage.

Also why can’t Laura have it all? Chun has it all. Cammy has it all. Ryu has most of it…and they are probably 3 of the more balanced characters in this game IMO.

I knew that her V-trigger extended the range. The problem is we need to consistently hit successful v-skills or basically get beat up to get the meter to do it. Not only that but if we want to use V-reversals to get out (since she has no wakeup/defenseive options) we lose this ability. All the while Ryu and Ken get invincible DP’s Mika gets incredible range and fast command grabs and Gief has more HP to tank the hits getting in. (Gief still feels weaker by a bit to me though if its not Snakeyez)

If anything I think her V-trigger should do more. Throw invincibility added to V-skill for example only during V-trigger or 1 hit of armor with an EX command throw during V-trigger. Hell unlocking an EX of HP Bolt would suffice.


Charged HK is risky because it’s telegraphed and can be stuffed on reaction. C.HP is risky because any player that knows the range where it’s effective can neutral jump and punish the whiff. Just because Mika players get away with it now, due to lack of knowledge/experience in the match up, doesn’t mean it’s not risky. Mika has to work to get in. Her neutral is pretty bad.


I mean to be fair anything can be risky if you’re facing the right enemy. Jumping can be risky. On paper though its not. Yes we’ll have to see but in the mean time I’d like to not have to wait and see if Laura gets better :wink: gif me tru reversal!

Back on topic, that j.MP is a pretty good instant air to air move. I’ve been using it a lot for jump ins i react to too slowly. Look at that lovely hitbox.


Nah man
Mika is very easy to react with
If she do 10 times, I get her 9 times
Some characters can play safer, like nash


I wouldn’t say Mika’s footsie game is weaker than Laura’s at all. Her st.MK is amazing. It does it all. Decently quick, good range, moves her forward, goes over lows, you name it.


8f start up and -3 on block over 6f start up and -1? Not to mention it’s hitbox. I’ll take Laura’s.


Laura’s reaches nowhere as far. Come on man. Cammy’s 9f and -2, would you rather take Laura’s over it too?


It’s pretty good at stuffing other pokes and moves her forward on top of that. You can’t convince me it’s a bad normal or that Mika’s is actually better. Sorry, lol.


I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m saying that Mika’s gives her good presence at a range Laura has none. Laura already has 3 other reasonable buttons to use that occupy the same space as st.MK.


Looking at the image, you can that mika has better range and priority againt low
But on the other side, look at her hurtbox , add that with a long startup, it may trade or lose with everything that’s not a low
I think both lauras and mikas but they work for different situations
Mika bait sweeps
And laura fish for counter hit xx vskill f


ive been having a real hard time with dealing with cross ups so hopefully this helps.


I think it will not work on wakeup meaty crossups because of startup so use it wisely


Backjump jab/fierce is your friend.