Lava lamp avatar


I don’t know if this is possible to make. I damn sure am not good enough with PS to make this. Any help or attempts would be much appreciated.


I’ll make it but you’ll have to give me some pictures to use.:cool:


This is a horrible picture, but it’s just to show what colors I wanted. The actual lamp part won’t be in the av. It’ll just be the orange/blue.


so you want just the middle parts of the lamps in the av. right?


Yeah the entire 160x64 space will be just those two colors moving around.


well okay, but I don’t think I can make that av. sorry.


I’ll give it a shot. Check back here in a day or two.




Sorry for the really long delay. I’ll have it ready tonight.


This avatar can be done, but it wont be easy at all. Either it’s going to have to be done pixle by pixle, or if someone knows a better idea, then feel free to suggest. Because I’ve been workin at this for a while…and sofar i just have the lava movements, it just looks like a bunch of blobs movin around. I haven’t added shades or anything.


Yeah I wanted something that looks good and was challenging, but still feasible.


i kinda cheated…

took me 10 minutes…

sorry it wasn’t better

damn 40 k limit


I don’t know how much this helps but for some reason SRK will actually allow like up to 40200k I think.


sorry… that extra 300 is not going to help… kinda had to optomise it as is… and i had to cut it from the orig 38 frames…