Laverne Cox becomes first transgender person on cover of Time Magazine


Trans awareness is building steam in the US.

I think its pretty cool. Everyone deserves to be happy and to be protected under the laws of government jesus christ. Laverne is also a really cool and intelligent person, shes one of the people charging this movement right now. Good for them.


im an equal opportunity hater…i dont give a shit whos on the cover…straight…lgbtvqrstuv,osama bin laden, biden…i give no fucks.

Queens gym teacher raped 16-year-old wrestler in school

Its not about her being on the cover, its about transgenders being visible in the american public and gaining allies and rights. Not being jokes or statistics on murdered prostitutes.


We should have Seth on the cover since he is a transgender as well since he has no gender.


lol its kinda a given. its harder and harder to argue against them in logical sense, since almost %100 of the hate has been religion based…and purely based in misconceptions in the bible that never existed in the first place. which has been true for almost every country thats against them…bible/quran(koran?)

what id like to learn more about is countries that they arent any form or relation to the bible and their reason for hating them, such as india. I understand its pretty much illegal to be gay, but im curious what their reasoning is. I imagine its some kind of religious reasoning…curious what its based on.


inb4 “Would Missing Person fuck her?”


So up next is KayoPolice?


In India certain people worship a form of God that is composed of both genders. It is called Ardhanari. This form of God is worshiped by homosexuals, lesbians, and transgenders.


So some wack ass actor is on Times because they got an operation?

I don’t watch tv so I am at a loss here.

Edit: dude still looks more feminine than Wendy Williams.



that didnt explain anything to my question…but thanks for playing


Not as hot as the transgender woman on colbert report sometime last year. She was super liberal, to the point that she thinks you shouldnt call your newborn child a boy or girl, and let them i guess figure it out, and colbert was sensitive enough to let much of her stupidity rock, and she had all these nonsensical labels to abide by. It was crazy. I mean she had like 5 different subgenders of men alone. lol

She still is hotter then a lot of other women, and good for her, but i pity the fool that wants to try to tackle whatever the fuck is going on in her mind, cause jesus christ.

Yes, she was born with a penis.


Well transgenders arent without gender lol. Seth isnt gender less he LOOKS like a man, I think you mean sexless. They [trans] assume a gender opposite of their birth sex. I had a friend from high school transition into a female, we talk about it over dinner for a few hours about a month back. She looks like a complete woman now its unreal.

They are shunned because its supposedly an abomination to change what god created you as…if you believe in that thing. Transgender is sort of a middle gender, I know a few who insist on keeping the penis and thats the thing that makes them unique to be honest. I think its fascinating, but regardless of that its pretty silly for the government to not recognize them in marriage benefits with military spouses and healthcare. You know, all the things people who are on earth should be entitled to.

I think people are really wrapped up in whats between their legs and what they looked like as the opposite sex. Seems frustrating.


Are you asking why they hate them? I really don’t know. I’m pretty sure the source of the hate is ignorance. As for me, I am of the opinion that the Soul has no gender therefore all the gender bias crap is annoying and pointless.


Do you even know the meaning of the word transgender, yah bitch? Transgender means to transcend gender and a gender-less person is the very definition of a being that has transcended gender. Seth has no gender because he has no male or female genitals.


Janet Mock is a little “out there” in her ideology, she is very liberal.

I get what shes saying but still.

Janet’s focal point is the idea that trans identity shouldnt be erased. Society tries to deny the womanhood of trans women, it effect healthcare, housing, jobs, rights…its really a social issue.


I kinda miss the term tranny. At some point a few years ago everyone seemed to sign off that it was offensive, but it was a nice word. It’s just the tone, that was the problem. Like how “mentally retarded” is a perfectly fine term, but is only now offensive somehow because of non-handicapped people calling one another retards.

Tranny and queer need to swap positions, seems like they switched a while back.


i was asking if it was based in religious reasoning vs outright ignorance out of the blue.


I have no clue. I have do to some research on that. Back then, Indians were actually very tolerant of gays.


Probably just ignorance. Think about the first time you saw a gay person, they were probably flaming and you thought thats how they all were. Like people think trans are all big wesly snipes titties and a dick having monsters.


(In before someone makes a joke about a male-to-female transgender person having the last name “Cox”.)

For the record, Seth does have a gender since he identifies as male, but, yes, “he” is also both sexless and asexual, what with being a robot…or something who clearly lacks both genitals and any interest in sex.

Anyway, good for this person, I guess. I don’t know. I guess Time is one of those big magazines that people pay attention to. I couldn’t personally care less about who is on the cover of it, especially since they’ve had Hitler and other questionable people on there even before it was obvious that the quality of the magazine was flagging.

thinks back to that year when the Person of the Year was “You”

Fucking cop-outs.

Not having watched or being interested in the show Orange is the New Black, I also can’t be sure whether this person is getting attention because of acting skill and just happens to be transgender or is getting attention primarily because of being a transgender actor. I guess it’s a start either way though.

P.S. I co-sign with angelpalm about how Ms. Cox looks more womanly than Wendy Williams. Not that Ms. Williams sets a high bar there though.