|| Law || Enter the Dragon

There needed to be a thread for the argueably 2nd best character in the game.

What’s really hood?

It’s really late and I’m gonna be coping Tekken 6 later today, sooo I will edit this post another time. In the meantime, if you guys got anything to share about Law, by all means…

what makes this character so good now?
i always thought he was underrated before, but now i think he’s overrated.
what does he have now that makes him better?

He’s got it all (almost)…

verifiable ws1,2 to free slide or d/b4
verifiable ff2,3
40% damage combos in the open, 50%+ damage with a wall, with a …
great wall carry
parry to dss followups
crouch dash mixups

He’s really not lacking much at all in this game…


bah, i don’t think it’ll last. I have my reasons.
Once the game is explored more, I think steve, dvj, kaz, bob will be top, with
hei, bruce, and probably anna rounding out the bottom top tier.
Ling, hwo, zaf, etc. will probably remain low.
Everyone else is middle or bottom middle.
Just my thoughts.
OK, back to Law. :wink:

Edit: Not that it matters, but forgot to put Bryan as top too.

Doubt it as the characters u mentioned, except for Steve who is number 1, got the nerf stick so damn hard.

Good damage
Good lows
Solid mixups
Excellent punishment between 10-12 frames
d/f+2 is spammable.

was playing t6 all night yesterday and my buddy’s house, watching/using law was almost creepy like seeing bruce lee from beyond the grave… haha they did an amazing job on his moves and animations.

They really have done a fantastic job capturing Bruce’s charisma, I wonder how he’d feel about Law if he was around today!

anyone doubting law is a fucking fool. this nigga is to fucking serious. jesus christ. bryan, law, steve, but more to come, but law, this nigga law. oh my god. evo 2k10 champ is a law player. bet it!

A few questions-
1- What setups does he have for his :uf:+:4?
2- What combos should I do if I juggle with :uf:+4, or :uf:+4, :uf:+3?
3- Any useful setups for his throws?
4- Good ways to utilizing his :l:+(1+2) stance?
5- Good ways to using the nunchuck (1+4 while nunchuck is equipped)

EDIT: After having spent a little time with LAW and seeing how this thread is pretty empty, I’ll try to address some of the questions

u/f+4 is one of his launchers, which also crushes lows. So whenever someone ducking frequently, u/f+4 and he’s in juggle state. I have a tendency to do 4,u+3, B+2,2,f,f+2,1,3. I believe you could also switch from B+2,2 for 4,3 DSS 2 or a number of other DSS combos which I need to practice.

Since there isn’t a matchup thread…anyone have some advice vs baek? His constant low/mid kicks are a pain to get around. How do you fight him?

There isnt really a good way to use the nunchucks (not that I have found), their damage is shit and the animation can easily be interrupted. However they are funny to bring out in a game of footsie, especially if the other player gets caught with them and is gettin bitch slapped by them.

This thread is in need of a lift… facelift that is. (move intended)
Let me share some tips/advice with our new Law players.

1.) This move is best used when going for a slide mix up. It’s not as heavily punishable as WR+2 but with practice it’s very good to not pass up on it. Few characters can punish it badly so use it sparingly.
2.) Most damaging ones
Non wall- u/f+4, 4, u+3, dash in 2, b+2,2 B! dash in 4,3~DSS+3
Wall- u/f+4, 4, u+3, dash in 1, dash in 2, f+2, 1+2 (wall splat) f+1+2, B!, 4,3~DSS+3
3.) Do you mean setups afterwards or going into?
4.) This is practically good for when going against certain characters (Steve, Jack-6, Lei) that utilize more punches than kicks and you first have to get a feel for what they are going to do. It helps that the window is very long for it but just like any fighting game, it comes down to predictions. Upon landing it though the options are very good. You want to go for the 2 follow up since it causes a knockdown that can result in a guaranteed d/f2 or hopkick if they do not techroll, or a 50/50 mix up of your choice. If you just want the damage then 3 is your next best bet.
5.)Only used it once and that was when I went for a chip damage win… so that tells you something.

ryeyoo- First off depending on the Baek player you’re up against, if he’s constantly abusing d+3. 3.3 ord+3 then he’s just starting with him or is testing to see your input. The second hit CAN BE BLOCKED even if the first hit hits by tapping d/b when it’s about to hit and if you guess right on the last move, you get a free launcher on both options. Good Baek players wont use this. Also d/b 4 is heavily punishable and can be done on reaction with practice. Learn to see this to help your game and stop them from resorting to last fail safe moves.

Flamingo opitions- majority of his moves when he continues enlessly can be sidestepped to your left. This includes the hopkick from flamingo, the staple d+4,3,3,3 and f+4,3. Basically anymove that has him transition into his flamingo setups. Be ready for the 1+2 break since it’s the most common throw out of it.

His main launchers (not counting d/f2 and f,d,d/f2+3) are all heavily punishable which consists of flamingo u/f+3, SS 3+4, u/f+4.

It helps to mess around with his movelist to get a feel as far as what he has in his arsenal. Majority of them are susceptible to manual parry in between chains. Practice up.