law is broken



dude is cray


I hear you man.


More broken than Ryu?


Breaking the Law!!!

He’s really good though but very under used. I never come across anyone that uses him.




maybe next time you call megaman, and pacman broken too o_O

this, is should be mentioned broken, who think is Law broken is crazy


I just think he’s really good for any team.

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Hes really damn good. A to A+ tier. Borderline broken IMO. Tons of safe nonsense and frametraps. He has flaws so hes not full on broken, but hes damn close.If he gets any kind of buff in the patch he will be broken. Like it was said, he works with pretty much anyone.


LOL a law being broken. I’ve been playing him since March and he is good but not broken. His normals aren’t that great also air to air he struggles.

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aren’t you the d-rank who was asking about getting in with law? lol

anyways, there are a lot of good law players out there, and for some reason when someone does that dragon stance punch they do it safely. Maybe it’s the distance they do it in idk. but when I do it i get punished. I wouldn’t call him broken, just a very good character.


Actually my rank is C+. Played about 4000 endless matches. Never did I say I was a d rank. If your on Xbox and feel like losing get at me gt - sourdeeeee

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giving a shit about online ranks

when in reality they’re more of a measure of how much you play online more than how good you are.



lol, if people think that ryu or law are broken, they dont know what broken truly means, less have faced a real broken character yet


Well then I guess you go to jail.

Do not collect 200$.


Yea really and if you look at the topic about getting in you will see that wasn’t me durrrrrrr.

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Online is broken…

Shit is cray.


Sounds like a job for Stryker…

oops, wrong game :frowning: