Law problem - glitch or I am just bad

ok, So I love Law a lot at the moment but I am having a huge problem with him.

One of his easy basic combos are “Hold back, Jab, Strong, Strong, Strong”. Just the basic four hit combo.

But if I first do 2 Crouching jabs, Then try the above combo straight after it does not execute the combo. no matter what I do. ( I am not trying to link the crouching jab into standing jab, just literally trying to execute this combo after the 2 jabs )

I tried some other things and it does the same. For example if you chain jab, strong, fierce, Strong it does the same style combo. very easy chain combo. But if you do a crouching attack first this combo will not complete if you try and do it straight after.

Once again ( I am not trying to link I am just trying to do some pressure lol)

Thought I would post a video maybe explain a little more :S? im sure im just doing something wrong

The problem is you are trying to do it off far standing jab.

The unique attack uses close standing jab.

Look closely at Law, there are two standing jab animations present.

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Ahhh thank you makes sense.