Law Trials.



I’m stuck on the very last part of 20, I can’t get him to leave dragon charge stance fast enough to get junkyard soul off. Is there some way to cancel it? Or is the timing just incredibly precise?

Nevermind, got real determined after posting this. Timing is just really tight.


You are further along than I am. I am on 17 with all of the somersaults and crouching MP. Should I mash it out quick, or wait for the body to drop lower before connecting the c.MP? I can get all of the string except for the last somersault.


I think it matters which somersault you use. In the corner I beat the trial with mk somersault, cr. mp xx mk somersault, cr. mp xx mk somersault, lk somersault followup, lk somersault.

Hope that helps.


I’m at work, but I’ll give it a shot later tonight. I was trying with hk. Glad I have a stick or my thumb would probably be falling off after trying so many half moon forwards.


I did that one with all mk somersault myself


Ex-Dragon charge into knuckle asap. You’ll have enough time to link junkyard.

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trial 20 sure is annoying =[. on the backflip kick one i did it in corner and went hk hk lk summersault on it

got them all done now. on 20 i was having trouble with the super art completely whiffing but i held forward waiting on the juggle until the dragon charge finished and it connected


It took me like 20 minutes to complete his 20th trial. With the last part you just gotta wait a bit then do his super. If you press the input to fast you’ll get his dragon kick (if youre calling it that)


Just try doing it later. Took a while to realize I was pressing the button WAY too early. Keep trying the combo whether you finish it or not. It’ll help you do it fluently. Number 20 took me about 15 mins, 10 of which I spent learning the combo. Sucks, cause it’s the kind of combo you can’t practice by parts. haha. Good luck.


for trial 18 what is the timing for the ex shaolin spin kicks to the dragon charge punch, i cant seem to land it in time — nevermind i found it was super duper easy when i did it NOT in the corner lol… its not a corner combo was my prob “_”


Somersault somersault somersault somersault!! haha that was an awesome trial
I can do that one but can’t get Cr. MK, Cr. Lk - chain trial
any tips on timing?


Thanks for the tip I just spent half an hour whiffing the super. Held forward and got it immediatly