Lawrence, KS. Tournaments are elsewhere


Yes, I’m making a Lawrence Kansas thread.
There is no community of gamers here (that I’m aware of) and the arcades died years ago.

I got a new PS3 finally after about 8 or 9 months. My PSN ID is ryuushouryuken
I can get on PSN network from about 10:30 to 1-2

As for gaming places there’s a downtown store called Game Nut with with an upstairs room full of big screen SDTVs with an hourly $4-5 rental.

But yeah, If I’m aware of any Lawrence Gaming event I’ll post what I know


A third Kansas thread, woot woot!

I actually know a few gamers up there, but I don’t know how often they come out due to it being a college town and what not. Good luck with your scene!


Sup :cool:

There are some good SF players around. Wally is around during the school years, and two of his friends that I’ve played (John and I can’t remember the other guy’s name). I think there are more but I can’t remember off the top of my head.

In my experience, Lawrence is more of a Smash Bros town. Myself, I play SSFIV, Tekken, and I know BB:CS but not very well, kind of bored of that series. I’ll probably get into MvC3 as well.




Good shit on a Lawrence thread.

It’s been good to see you guys coming out to more tournaments and hookups. Unity is a very good thing when you are a small scene like ours. BUT, we’re growing!

Wally, I like what I see out of your Boxer. I put you at the top SF player in Lawrence. Get your friends on your level, and start playing at Maxout meng.

I REALLY liked seeing some Lawrence heads enter Tekken. That’s awesome. I would be happy to sit down with some of you guys on that game and level you up.

Good luck fellas. See you soon.


Cool, thanks for the replies.

But yeah, My Friends JAM and Chronosfury and I should always be able to go to Maxout or other KC tournaments.
I feel like I might drop Tekken though, but who knows. I’ve only been practicing for about a month or two.

I can’t wait for Marvel vs Capcom 3, I sort of watched its development lifetime and my team remains Ryu, Chris, and Dante. Secondary of Arthur, Ammy and VJoe.
I’ll sit down and make my teams work, just like I did with Ryu/Roll in TVC.
So hopefully I’ll be facing some of you at the next Maxout.


bump from the grave?

someone hit me up if you wanna play


How will this go, some sort of meet up or something? My friends and I may have some free time on Saturday.
I just wish my ps3 wasn’t dead, or that I could save up for one.


I’ve been looking everywhere for an early release MVC3, but now I finally have it from Gamestop Midnight release.

The game is awesome and I didn’t even perform that well. It’s like my TvC skills did almost nothing, at least for Ryu and Joe. The game, in my opinion, feels more like MVC2. I noticed it right off the bat.
I only got in 4 matches but it left me wanting more. I couldn’t even remember all of Chris and Dante moves that I’ve studied.

On another note, that MVC3 Game Guy tournament is on the 28th at a bar called The Jackpot.
It lasts from about 10:30 at night till it’s finished and It’s played on PS3 on a projector screen.
Also, the competition is mostly drunken button mashers. The prizes are just Game Guy tokens.


anyone out there wanna play sf4? get at me 316 350 4153


Hey guys, A.R.K. III (one of the largest fighting game tournaments in the South) is coming up on April 2nd at Conway Gaming Center in Conway, AR! We are expecting at least ~120 people at this tournament featuring games such as SSF4, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Arcana Heart 3, Blazblue: CS, Tekken 6, Melee, Brawl, Project: M, and more! We will have a recording station available for you to record whichever matches you deem necessary (just work it out with the station manager) as well as a stream station. If you have ANY questions, please post on here or on the official tournament thread where you can find more details about the event located at Please try to make it and show your support not only for us, but for the Regional Street Fighter/Marvel community as a whole. Thanks guys!


That’s a nice looking tournament, I myself wouldn’t be able to go, but good luck.

I ended up winning that Game Guy tournament, but I had troubles because I had to learn on a stick on the fly.
I saw Count Smakula there. Nice meeting you.

Anyway, Marvel 3 is my favorite fighting game now. Seth Killian was right, training mode is fun.
Changes that I would like to see are Roll, Ryu dash cancel with normals, and Custom music.

Also, I bought Pokemon Black, I didn’t play it until I finished EVing my Absol in SS.
I would love to play this more, but homework and MVC3 practice gets in the way.
So I started with Snivy and I’m grinding in the first grass patch for awhile because I don’t like a lot of the new Pokemon designs.
Who knows maybe I’ll appreciate them if I use them.

Yes, JAM and I are going to Both K.C. Tournaments Maxout and Screenland Showdown.
I recommend any Lawrence fighting game fans to attend both.


I’m in topeka for the next week if any of ya’ll wanted to meet up and get some games. Scrub from Topeka, but schooling in Nebraska atm. Don’t be hating cus we going out of the Big12 yo!


Good meeting you MGF, congrats on the 1st place finish at the Game Guy tourney. You use Dante, right? Maybe I could get some pointers if there is another tournament like that.

Here’s how I did at the tournament: I lost to 3 beers within an hour and a control setup that I forgot to configure. I’m not any good at the game anyway, but it was mad frustrating to be trying to chip with some hypers and an effing snapback comes out instead. But it’s all good, I generally just go to those tournaments to get drunk and mash.


Yeah, I’m terrible at explaining stuff, but what I did was I played Dante for hours in training mode. To know how his moves feel.
After that I watched his combo videos and tried to replicate what was happening through memory.

Since I don’t have a PS3 at the moment I only get to play MVC3, maybe 2-4 times a week.

Does anyone have a link to one of those lagless HDTVs used at Maxout. I want one.


Hey guys, A.R.K. III (NOW featuring Justin Wong, Fubarduck, Lil Majin, and many more great players!) is coming up THIS SATURDAY in Conway, AR! We are expecting at least ~150 people with games such as Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, SSF4, BlazBlue:CS, Arcana Heart 3, Tekken 6, Melee, Brawl, Project: M, and more! Players are coming in from at least California, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Arkansas!

Note that our tournament is now sponsored by Game On Apparel,, Borderland Games, Broken Tier, and the Bat Cave, which will each be providing additional prizes and bonus pots for our tournaments. Also, well-known regional modder DaRabidDuckie will be on hand to provide dual mods (PS3 <-> 360) for fight sticks.

If you have ANY questions, please post on here or on the official tournament thread here: Please try to make it and show your support not only for us, but for the Regional Shoryuken community as a whole. If you CAN’T come, then please try to watch our stream at Interrupted Gaming on Thanks guys!


This thread title does not apply for all :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, if there are ever any BB players that wanna hookup Dator and I are always looking for new BB comp. We’re from Topeka, btw. We’re just too lazy to drive to KC for hookups, Lawrence would be much better and hosting ourselves all the more better, lol.


I honestly can’t think of a good title, but if anyone wants it to be anything I’ll consider.

My friend’s and I are usually busy and garbage at the game, hopefully you find some comp.

Did Rachel and Taokaka get anything new in CS2?


Our first Midwest Qualifier for Final Round 15 has been announced! 6/4/2011, Lenexa, KS (@Collector’s Cache). Top placers will get FREE badges to Final Round 15 and FREE entry into the second Midwest Qualifier event TBA later this year.

More info: - Home of the largest fighting game tournament in the Southeast!

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Final Round 15 Midwest Qualifier - 6/4/2011 - Kansas City SSF4 - T6 - MK9 - More TBA!!