LAWYERS: Help Needed Please!


Long story short. My family owns a nail shop and this bitch with diabetes came in and wanted to getit nails done when the bitch knew fully well IT should not get near sharp objects because people with diabetes bleed very easily. So THE THING came in and wanted it nails to be done. One of the employees accidently cut the skin and made it bleed. Now THE THING is trying to sue my family nail shop for making it bleed…

I just heard this story from my girl. Normally I don’t pay attention what goes on at my family’s business but when I heard about this, I wanted to choke the bitch! I want to know if this fucking THING can win if this shit goes to court.

There had been several cases of bitches with diabetes knowing full well they can bleed easily, yet they choose to come in and fuck around with sharp objects… Don’t they know they should prevent themselves from bleeding? Why would you come in and get your nails done when you have diabetes? That’s like me having high cholesterol and I go and have people feed me saturated fat, trans fat shit…
Help is appreciated guys.

P.S before any trolls try to jerk my nuts, atleast post something helpful then jerk away…


you should be saying “we must not let it happen again” instead of blaming these bitches with diabetes. i’ll ask my lawyer friend when they return from the store but from what u say ur nail shop sounds sloppy

edit: if the shop is insured then that should cover the damages. the bitches having diabetes is no good. when I was a kid a barber butchered the back of my ear. I was bleeding like a mofo but that was it. i didn’t even get a discount on the haircut


Thanks for the input man.

I agree with you about the sloppiness. Like I said, I don’t pay attention what goes on at my family’s business, but if some cunts wanna hurt my family’s business then I’ma jump in and help as much as I could.

My girl heard this from her friends, and she told me not to talk to my family yet cuz then they will know my girl told me about it. When my mom decides to tell me the incident the first thing I’m gonna tell her is to fire the bitch that made the diabetes bled. If this shit doesn’t get solved, I’ll personally go out there and watch these bitches preventing them from ruin my family’s business!


That would be compounding your problems.

Do you need a retaliation suit on top of your current situation?


I could talk to my mom about it and I wouldn’t care if she gets mad that I find out. The thing is, my family doesn’t want me to worry about their business. The thing I’m afraid of is my family will hate my girl saying my girl is nosy and shit, that’s why I’m just storing the info inside me for now. I care about anybody that’s close to me, even if it’s not my business.

Right now, I wanna settle the diabetes bitch first then I’ll find some excuses to fire the careless bitch with my family. The thing is, that bitch loves to flirt with my bro at work, she even got beat by her husband but still chases after my bro. If he isn’t blinded by wide pussy then he’ll agree to fire the bitch too! I don’t think it’s that hard to fire somebody. Same as any job, you find some BS reasons and give them the boot.


Was her life in any way threatened by the bleeding? It’s pretty obvious that you could get cut while having your nails done. There’s no way a judge will permit this in court unless she can prove that her well-being was in jeopardy, which it obviously wasn’t. Unless the nail tech (what’s she look like, anyway?) was deliberately trying to hurt her. In which case, yes, your mom should terminate her.

Also, invest in some legal protection for your family business. See a lawyer. get some cameras in there or something. :tup:

Oh, one more thing. Wanderer, you’re a known troll, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt this time.


Good shit. You know deep down you like me, don’t hide it by jerking my nut.

I don’t think the bitch was hurt or anything. All I heard from my girl was the bitch had a tiny cut. I have to talk to her tomorrow to confirm the cut. If that’s true, then hallelujah!!!
I agree with the cameras man. My family won’t listen to me if I tell them to get some fucking cameras. I’ll probably go out and buy some for them.

Oh, one more thing. Manx, troll my ass, but I’ll it slide for now cuz u giving out good advice this time. :tup:


why do you need a lawyer to jerk your nuts


And you didn’t tell me how hot the nail lady is. That’s important. :tup:


Get a good lawyer, and you’re set.

Like this guy


Diabetics are meant to prevent injury to their feet because of delayed healing and higher risk of infection (all dat sugah fueling bacteria). It’s not that big a deal. I don’t think her diabetes should have any bearing in court as she’s the one that went in there.

It comes down to the injury itself. Can you get sued if you work at a nail place and accidentally cut someone’s foot? I would think no, but get someone with law experience to confirm.


Comes down to negligence. She’ll have to prove that something that the nail lady did that was not part of a normal nail process (whatever the hell women get done) caused her harm. Otherwise, she knew what could have happened just as Wanderer said. I ANAL.