"Lay Hands on'em!" Gen Video Thread



Haha, thanks for the tip, the sMp os thing was my idea to Xian to double os a light gekiro and I kinda made a video for it but it was against ibuki. Hahaa for that air to air I had a choice crisis didn’t know whether to use crane super or ultra lmao so I did none and lost that match.
Thanks for the comment, still have a long way to go with the old man lol.


We all do. The assassin is sooo hard to master.



Nah Xian has almost mastered him lol. Well according to the world





eh uh so… Gen just won Evo, played by our fellow player Xian. How wild would this statement have sounded only a few years ago? This solidifies him as the best Gen in the world without a doubt. He played the matchups to a tee. Shows that Gen is very strong in the hands of a master and I am so impressed by Xian’s skill and ability to push the character to its limits. Amazing, and he deserves every bit of credit, because in the past some in this forum have been somewhat critical of him, maybe even unfairly… I only hope now that no scrubs whine for Gen’s nerfing. Now lets go congratulate him on twitter or w.e!


The winning has already begun


Gen = the Akuma destroyer. Kid’s a really epic KOF player as well. Mad respect for a Chinese speaking person winning Evo using a Chinese char!



Gen needs nerfing.

lol, kidding!



Hey guys im trying to get back in the habit of posting my videos! So if you could please give me some feedback on this it would help out :smiley:



vs Sagat
Did some stupid ogas. also jump in was predictable for the most part. try to play a more grounded game as much as you can. I see you are kind of jumpy due to you are recording, not bad.

vs Balrog
Played good.

vs Ryu
Your weren’t baiting him well enough.


Same advice I seem to give most Gens I see online: less jumpy more footsie.


Thanks man i will try to stay on the ground more and work on my baits against ryu…Do you think i should have used ultra 2? vs sagat?


To be honest I literally never use U2 because I think it sucks. I like Teiga against fireball chars but I dont like losing my mantis ultra1 just for that ultra. As for as im concerned U1 is far superior is almost any matchup.


one of my FT10 matches today, comments appreciated


Ultra 2 hasn’t been much of use to me, yeah it is good but it depends on your playstyle, if you like footsie and crMP hands, I dont see the point, but if you are more aggressive then why not


Idk next time i will give it a shot vs Sagat cause I tend to jump in that match up…But then again that is pretty dangerous soooo…lol I will just go with the flow


I notice you panic-press buttons a lot. Go easy on that perhaps, especially against boxer. Generally when they realize their counterpoke antics aren’t working that’s when the throws come, so be prepared for that.

Hope you don’t mind advice coming from someone as inexperienced as myself.