"Lay Hands on'em!" Gen Video Thread



hehe, nah I dont mind. After eating alot of mixups I kinda went button rogue.


Part 1 of the FT10 set vs the best vega in the local community, I missed alot of Ultra punishes for wall dives due to input errors. damn. comments and tips are welcome


As I mentioned on FB, I think you did fine. Not sure of what to make of the repeated corner Oga’s, but if it builds meter and Vega is not doing anything about it, then why not. It’s more of the Vega not knowing what to do.

Xian kumite (SDCC), starts at 42:33. Good matches at around 1:22:00 until the end.


Part 2 of the FT10 matches. thanks for all the comments


Here is another on from me vs seth. I am trying to learn how to deal with seth since i dont fight many to be honest.


Why use light gekiro? You don’t like untechable knockdowns?


I usually pick U2 against Seth. That crane ultra catches them off guard on so many things they do; the fireballs, long reaching arm, wall jump kicks, attempt punish on your jump with Seth’s U1, etc. But of course that’s just my opinion.




lol @Ego you made a very good point with that statement good sir! I will go for the hard knock down next time! thanks for that!


Idk i never really thought about using that U2… I am not sure i would about that so… I am gonna stick with ultra1…is there a video with all the option selects for gen?? i could really use that.


Check out page 23-25 of the Gen handbook I am working on:

It has spreadsheet of option selects that can be used. The mantis c.hk one for example is useful to catch backdashes.


Thanks man! Awesome work you did on this! Really appreciate the time and effort that went into this!




I’m sure you’re not looking for feedback, so I’m gonna keep it simple.

Like others have mentioned, the only relative flaw I see in those matches you uploaded is the amount of Ogas you pull of. But if they work, they work. I’ll asume you don’t use them against someone who punishes them consistently.

Other than that, it required a bit more cr.lk usage in block strings. I don’t know why you space out the jabs so much (or why you even go that much for them), but those can be thrown with the amount of frames you were leaving in between. Going for s.mp, even though it leaves you further away, also leaves you in good range for a crossup attempt.
Going for focus lvl1 backdash, or blatant focus level 2 vs Claw is also a good idea. Not much armor breaking going on there, for the most part.

I enjoyed the empty jumps into cr.short hit confirms (those are always lovely), and the fact that you actually started punishing random wall dives with ultra.
Also, you started throwing more often by the end, and using the overhead as well, which I was going to point out.

Different players require different approaches, and I’m going to trust you took certain decisions based on how you felt he would react to them. But I’d still tone down the number of standing jabs you do. It’s not like Gen can be fooled around with like Sakura/Cammy when it comes to straight up walk forward st.jabs.
Poking claw might not seem very fruitful due to the pushback and turtling nature of the character (you’d want to stay close, not push him back, obviously), but Gen can be as much of a turtle as claw, and still annoying. It doesn’t mean you’d have to forsake the jump-ins. But poking more often can catch some counter hits.

But overall, despite the ogas, it was pretty solid. He lacked the matchup knowledge though, or so it seemed.


I don’t throw that much jabs usually, but the Vega player almost never uses ex flip kick so I just keep jabbing’em and he usually panics and pushes a button which is easy for me to confirm to super. Thanks for the input and tip. I also have a habit of abusing what my opponent cannot punish lol.


One thing I noticed is, that you very rarely use cr.mp into hands. In general, your neutral game is very jump heavy, whenever you are in a range that is actually a good range to be poking as gen, you choose to jump instead. I don’t want to sound overly harsh, its just that you don’t make use of gen’s good footsie tools all that much. I noticed this also in your other videos, like the one against ryu. I guess one of the reasons for jumping is, that your opponents let you, and the other is, that the way you poke, you don’t end up dealing much damage with pokes. You should really use more cr.mp into hands and get comfortable hitconfirming that for damage instead of relying on jumping so much


i think more frame traps are needed when you are pressuring him:mix cr lk cr lp kara grab with st mp cr mp hand or sweep or overhead.when you started using then in the last matches , you completely dominated.and you can mix crane mp with crane hp i think (the low overhead-like one)
i’m sure you already know that … just a reminder … one more thing…maybe it’s your style , but more fadc combos to hk geikero setups will help you keep the momentum and make your opponent get mad(it happens to mine all the time hhhhhhhhhh )…good shit anyway keep goin …


zzzz so 2 years ago no one was following The Hoigek?


Any Gen worth his salt knows about Hoigek and his bananas labwork.


I like going by the idea that if they dont punish it then I keep abusing it kind of play. thanks for the tip, i really appreciate it