"Lay Hands on'em!" Gen Video Thread



Me vs the number one makoto player on xbl…I need to get that match up down :(…The salt is real

Lag it happens :confused:



usually Oga is a VERY VERY BAD Idea vs a competent Makoto the only Oga not punishable with light uppercut is a meaty light Oga, mostly you got to keep makoto out of your crMP space and frustrate her, also you were dropping combos like santa claus. Good match overall


A video of me playing :slight_smile:

@07:49:00 me VS KBrad in winner’s finals (teams)
@08:09:00 me VS Ryu, Viper, Ken
@08:24:50 me VS KBrad in grand finals (teams) + FT3 casuals, then more of me w/o KBrad (he comes back much later playing Ryu and Chun)

I wanted to play him again but I have to work today and tmrw :frowning:

One thing I’d like to mention: After getting bodied by him in the grand finals AND the first match of the FT3, a friend of mine told me to calm down. After I consciously calmed down it felt like I did better against him even though I couldn’t get a match off him (minus the crouch tech part, nerves, dropping combos and doing some upkicks too late lol). Before that I actually THOUGHT I was relaxed, but having someone tell you this has a positive effect methinks.

Feedback would be much appreciated. It’s always helpful in improving my game.


You were dehydrated man. You need to take some water during those tense matches


Yea man lag happened :frowning: made me drop so many combos.

Thanks I will do that next time :wink:



Yea, I believe I had to do that. A little related, I actually regretted not eating anything for around 7 hours after the matches. I think had to eat something before to be able to concentrate more.



Still watching it, but you developed some godlike reactions with those Teigas vs Ryu, major props.


I see very little use of cr.mp - hands combo, but you sure know how to get the FADC/super combo from other means. Those links are so good in that Dhalsim match. I’ve been practicing st.mp - st.mk - hands - super for a short time, but I totally forgot about it recently. Your vid just reminded me to use it more. How about those Oga? Lol, they are so freeeee! But the Dhalsim player got better. Adon player seemed a little lost in that Gen match up.

By the way, this happens a lot vs a Dhalsim player; you know how when Gen jumps in at the same time Dhalsim jumps back, and Gen lands first under a still airborne Dhalsim? Instead of blocking, you could do a Gekiro instead. If Gen lands a little further away from underneath him, LK Gekiro always snuffs his airborne HP. If you’re close enough, HK Gekiro will hit him right out of the air. Even if they teleport, they can’t land fast enough to punish your whiffed Gekiro.


I knew you have some tricks up those Gen sleeve of yours. thanks man.


Yeah Ive been playing Sim mainly lately and gen is pretty assy to deal with. Sims anti airs are all pretty situational so his jump trajectories throw me off.


Bonchat vs some Gen players



Xian matches after evo



Some Xian Matches


made a quick tutorial for Gen basic mixups



ever wonder how to land a crane crouching light kick into mantis ultra? This tutorial shows you the easy way to do it not only on pad but also with a little adaptation to stick. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below because I will like to hear from you.

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