"Lay Hands on'em!" Gen Video Thread



Nice, those wednesday night fight matches before EVO were uploaded. What about his match against DRS Chris?


Haven’t seen that one.


Xian vs Deadmaker(Hakan), who defeated Nemo before that match.

Xian also stated that he learned or practised this matchup on Twitter a bit:
"@HelloKittyRicky @ultradavid I got experience from Dio-K(Thailand) and Deadmaker in a few casuals, so I knew the match-up alittle"
Unlike PR Rog, he invested time to get a bit matchup knowledge.


Xian vs Ryan Hart FT10


That’s some legit gay shit.


Yeb around 23 minute mark


You mean 12:40


oh ok. thanks


The Daigo vs Xian Madcatz Exhibition. Lots of butthurt, posturing, and excuse making on both sides of the issue when I saw this on Facebook and of course in the YT comments. lol


Xian was clearly not himself. He wasn’t able to react to Ryu’s slow overhead and obvious jumpins. Had plenty of opportunities for Ultra. Plus he was smiling the entire time. I think he may have been smoking weed prior to this match.


It’s just Daigo stepping up his game after losing to Xian before, and then losing at Evo again. As for Xian, I’m sure it’s just him losing touch with the game after a much needed break from the game. Well I’m not sure if he did take a break after winning evo but I’m sure I would.


The explanation was pretty nice. I was like “whoa why didn’t he hit an Ultra at all?” Then it stemmed from not being able to hit a Super at all, and the anti-air Ultra was dropping as well. Oh well.


Lots of Warrior By Sand on Ironmonk’s YT account.


Xian matches at the recently concluded tournament.




Xian matches from the Capcom Cup Qualifier from TGS



Bo (Gen) Vs DBK69 (Cammy) Enjoy!!!


I haven’t been playing AE much these days but I recently noticed someone recorded my first match against Kiyomatsu’s Guy (Kiyo) this last EVO. My experience against Mark Teddy definitively paid off but Kiyo’s style is very different from Marks. I won my match against him in winners but I lost our rematch in losers finals. I kinda wish somebody had recorded our second match as well.

Here is the first match: