"Lay Hands on'em!" Gen Video Thread



Great matches



Old casuals I found


Some cool matches. Though I dont approve some of the approach but still great matches



nice sets … warriorbysand is fun to watch …



Has this been posted yet? Didn’t see it on this page so:


putting in some sets during the weekend, FT10 of me and the runner up of the local ranbat that I won. yay!


2nd part of the set




I actually chuckled a few times watching your match vs Aensland Gief, mostly at the weird and funny stuff you do, but I can understand it’s pretty nerve wrecking with a Gief standing so near to you. That Crane cr.LP mash at 5:31 was especially hilarious, mostly because they all hit. But my mouth dropped when you tried to Crane Ultra 1 that jump in at 8:03, that rarely ever works and Gief doesn’t even have a floaty jump like Chun Li does, you’d need some lightning fast reaction time for that.



Fastest FT10 match ever



total noob … needing advice…feel free to critcize :slight_smile:


This forum is kinda slow these days but I guess I can give you a few pointers from what I noticed. Some of those are pretty obvious but bear with me.

  1. You backed yourself all the way to the corner in the beginning of the first round.

  2. You tried to FA Ryu’s jump in instead of AA with c.RK © multiple times during the match.

  3. Tried to ex wall dive out of the corner when you should have just held your ground and stopped the Ryu player from jumping.

  4. I like your use of c.rk and c.fp to control mid ground. Gen should always strive to be at mid range where he can use c.rk, c.mp, c.fp, and FA to shut down Ryu’s options.

  5. I like the fact that you didn’t waste your Super in order to keep the fear factor in the Ryu player but you need to work on c.mp > Hands > Super a bit more. You hit the Ryu player multiple times in the third round but never got a single Super.

  6. Needs to work in the bnb (c.lk c.lp > TC 2 > Gekirou).

  7. You missed completing RK Gekirou quite few times (after focus > dash > s.fp > rk gekirou). Gen needs that hard knockdown to gain momentum and keep pressure.

  8. Nice Super through his fireball.

Pretty solid Gen but you need to work on your execution a bit more. If you are not using your meter for FADC hand combos to get a knockdown you should at the very least master c.mp > hands > super. Keep up the good work. :smile:


00:30 Backdashing into the corner? what secret saiyan tech did you have planned?

1:08 A good way to get yourself out of the corner at intermediate skill level is do the following

crMP xx Hard Punch Roll
hard kick Oga to the opposite side and just drop down
crMP xx hands

1:50 You play a hit and run style with Gen, effective but severly limits your options. And you need to get your combos down, you had many chances to close the match at this point but dropped the ball.

check this match I had with a Ryu player, as much as possible I tried to stay just outside crMK range

2:10 Yolo oga is just so wrong lol! do them sparingly.

3:00 you have life lead, and super and in crane stance, your first priority is to keep an eye in the sky and finish it with crane super which is a 1 frame move.

4:20 its a bad habit to hit confirm jump ins with crouch light attacks, go straight for TC2 which is two hits and easily confirmed into light gekiro on hit and just -1 on block (dont tell zangeif players lol!)

5:00 Another bad habit (that top players do too) is to attempt fake cross ups. if you corner someone just lock him down with anti air, crMP hands and wiff punish into sweep.

6:40 four backdashes? Oh come on!

9:00 nice reactions with mantis super!

You combos and anti air needs alot of work and you still have the proximity fear when playing, the fear of getting hit up close. it will reduce with experience. good games though and if you like you can read the thread Nu coached me with when I was starting out as it applies to you as well at theis stage.


man i am really impressed by u r patience in responding to my vid … much appreciated from a top player like u
my lack in anti air was really obvious as u saw , i am still learning and i have no confidence in my mantis options (st HP and cr HP as anti air )
but i have two questions
do you think i use too much focus ?
my footsies game is horrible , how can i get it much better?
and really thx man , u r feedback was impressively precise , for the combos my excuse(is it matters hhh) is the classic “i was playing with a friend’s stick”…i use the slide method for hyakurenko …