"Lay Hands on'em!" Gen Video Thread



well, you seem to use crane focus which has pitiful range, mantis has twice the range of crane. Footsies is practiced in the lab.

I believe if your opponent doesn’t punish you feel free to abuse it, but have the self control to adjust.



thx man … sorry i didn’t see u r post … u r feedback is gold for me … much appreciated … i need to work on these combos got it sir !!!




Prox. Guard OS
Quite improbably to activate across Stances.



please guys work on this we need a lot of things


Prox. Guard OS
Quite improbably to activate across Stances.

[quote=“WarriorBySand, post:3828, topic:82367”]

please guys work on this we need a lot of things


The fact is we probably won’t be able to fully utilize this OS due to limitations of changing stance, Sadly Focus attack will not be possible for Gen to use as an alternate viable Prox OS other than Ultra/Super/Specials, but it can activate the OS, if it were possible we could of used A Prox OS Parry Glitch which would lead to free combos all day every day… Though Due to Proxy OS Red Parry will get Punished, BUT maybe with Redfocus… Red Focus Attack Chance Stance Glitch (Psuedo Red Parry) will be possible interesting to see the ability to absorb in rapid succession and change stance after without using meter? One thing Gen has to worry about with these OS is baited light punches since Gen U1 has slow start up only seeing Crane U1/Super being more viable on wake-up and Mantis U2 for USF4 due to 600 Stun buff, Maybe against Akumas Air Fireballs this Prox OS can be used with U1 that and against say Zangief’s HK that moves him forward. Easy Punish.
Yet With USF4 All 4 Ultras could lead to very high possibility of landing all versions of these OS safely.
But who knows if they will take this out in future.
Against Dhalsim the Proxy OS won’t work at Full range… Only around mid screen where you are in range to get hit by it.


amazing xian but that was close , haitani makoto is like a train …

[quote=“WarriorBySand, post:3828, topic:82367”]

please guys work on this we need a lot of things


inputs please , salem 3alaykom yal 5ou …


agree with You Redwolfx
maybe U2 mantis is the right choice to pull off this Mechanic but in close range , though in my opinion Gen doesnt need this because it will ruin your “Hard” Gameplan


Testing out all Ideas, Ultra Street Fighter 4 Gen changes in Theory, I won’t be able to attend NEC for Location Test, I hope I’ll have time to make it during the weekend but doesn’t look too good, but here is what i noticed from what BlackKingToof modded.

In Theory from this Mod, Many Setups from reduction in Oga hitbox many setups are timed differently, There are times where even if you block an Oga Cross Up it will go through the character, not land in front, Similair like how EX Oga works.
Crane Cr.HK is so fast, you can alter your timing of Oga after a Forward throw into Cr.HK to hit from front or behind the opponent, like Ceiling Drop.

At maximum you can maybe potentially land around 800-900 stun, usually Mid 700s with Mantis U2, Next Combo or Hit will Stun, or If you land U2 when they already have stun damage, they will be stunned… Most likely.

I still not sure about the Pushback but in this mod. Large characters will have bad time with Gen if this becomes the norm.
Super>Crane U2, still not likely, unless its character specific.
LP Roll Ftw.
Need to test Unblockable/hard to block Tiega in corner more at the real Location Test.
I heard they added +1Hitstun on everything so need to see it myself.


I dont understand what you mean by alter timing of oga from crHK


still a long way to go… many execution errors…advices and criticizes are welcome…
some local tournament…level is very low…i lost in the finals against abel at 27:52…


For Example: When you do a forward throw and instantly started Oga Ceiling drop, you will land and wiff the Ceiling Drop missing the meaty on their wake-up, but if you wait until your first frame of your crouch animation after throw, it will hit meaty, as a cross-up, but if wait additional frame you would have to block it normally.

Same Concept for the new Oga hitbox off the wall, Difference for this setup is because of the reduced hitbox being smaller, Since if you try Gen Forward throw Cr.HK if you instantly do Off the Wall Oga You can wiff, but if you wait a bit You will Cross-up very late instead of overhead, But wait additional Frame you won’t cross up but when it hits, you continue to move pass them,overhead keeping them in block stun as you land, you won’t be in front of them but behind them, similar to when you use EX Oga as a Cross-up. Timing is Character Height Specific can change the way they need to block.

Very hard to visually confirm if it will cross-up or not due to additional time after Cr.Hk, but now is almost universal setup.


Thank you for clarifying the issue. I now understand.


Don’t know if this was posted before…probably already seen by most of you…but… end of 1st round on the 2nd match… is very nice.


magnificent finish really enjoyed that meter management thinking and excellent execution of yours … excited for more vids keep going…


Oh no…that’s not me… LOL. I wish.
He’s ranked number 2 Gen in Japan I think. He also plays Sakura.