"Lay Hands on'em!" Gen Video Thread



Nice matches @Kane


Thanks ugo. Still kinda salty about that matchup with the Makoto player since that was the first time he managed to eliminate me at wnf. The raw U2 on my wake up was totally unexpected and I messed up my safe jump setup after the fadc knockdown in the corner.

My score with Chris King so far is 2-3 in his favor, I’ll get him next time.


Xian still representing Gen at the Fight Night Street Fighter event.


nice matches u had it against the vega 2nd round , super > ultra u should have won , u went for the ultra instead


Xian relies way too much on corner setups. Wish he would keep people cornered more but still he did play well except for Alioune. Have no idea what happened.



I tend to respect Vegas pokes a bit too much maybe because of playing that matchup almost everyday against a friend of mine. My biggest mistake was not punishing those Barcelona’s in the first set with super > ultra.


hhh , yeah he has some great ones canceling into his ex flyin thing wich is pretty good damage but when gen has super , he should be feared :slight_smile: even jump-in could be punished with mantis super so no need for u to switch to crane just keep focusing on ground game but hey u surely are way better than me so if i’m wrong , it’s youth faules…anyway keep goin man …


since midscreen setups are useless now -other than gimmicky stuff- the real 50/50 went to the corner fake crossups or real crossups,that’s why he uses the 1 hit hands FADC so much to bring the opponent faster to the corner at any situation(opponent standing or crouching,near or max range).
Alioune was blocking all the setups midscreen so … the only thing i saw is xian not punishing the ex cannon strike with raw ultra 1 or super but i may be wrong …




xian vs valmaster(chunli) at 3:06:30


and if you cant stream it here is the direct download link


It disgusts me to see those matches. The buffs to Gen don’t seem significant at all. At least not judging from that video. And the nerf to hands recovery and FA are really important. God forbid an obscure character with dignity is actually viable.


Oh, and lol at Chun-Li’s df+lk into Ultra. So overboard. And Gen’s W-double – absolutely useless. Also, noticed how crmpxxhands was punished on HIT by a crouching Chun. Pokes into lp hands obviously just misses (the hands move) so they are absolutely worthless. Nice job, Capcom.


amazing xian…


Yeah, definitely. So good. Cammy owns Gen more or less for free, so Xian winning here is a major beatdown.


xian vs valmaster at 1:26:00


… And then Valmaster beats Xian in the broken mess that is Gen vs Chun-Li in Ultra. :frowning:


Speaking of Xian…