"Lay Hands on'em!" Gen Video Thread



One thing I never understood in these matches: How come no one ever jumps in on Xian? Gen has no good reversal from up close on mantis, and Xian won’t always have time to switch to crane for cr hk.


It’s because he’s a really, really good player. They respect him a lot. They don’t want to take the risk all the time and appear obvious. Almost all good players don’t really jump much if they play footsie based characters…unless it’s a safe jump or vortex setup. He doesn’t anti-air with EX Gekiro that much either…only when he has to.
He does hit cr. HK every once in a while. And if he’s looking for the jump, he’ll crane double roundhouse in the air to get a free Ultra or super. Mainly I see him just focus back dash every so often…if someone jumps…then resets the situation to save meter for super or FADC.


Yeah, but I feel like they would be far better off if they jumped in on him every now and then. It’s not a huge risk but the reward is great against a character like Gen. Gen takes a far bigger risk playing footsies than the likes of Ryu/Ken considering his useless reversal options. Tell me, again, what does he have on a character like Ryu, really? And don’t say ambiguous crossups because Ryu kind of wins that department, especially considering the crossup tatsu that is virtually impossible to block on reaction.

Okay, he has a better sweep. And becomes super dangerous with super stocked. That’s kind of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes…he has to take big risks to win…when the opportunity presents itself. That’s the nature of this character. He’s not an autopilot character like Cammy per say. And yes…Ryu has the tools to destroy Gen. Cr mk range, fireball, uppercut FADC shenanigans, better damage and has better stun…etc, etc. Whatever.
If you have strong fundamentals…and play smart…he has the tools to beat Ryu and other characters as well. Don’t get me wrong…it can be a struggle, and really frustrating dealing with the cheap crap of other characters,
but Gen is not the character for you to just rush in and just do stuff. You may get away with that against below average players…but you’ll get blown up against good players who have an understanding of this game and on how to fight him. And if Gen players want that by looking at Xian, they should be playing other characters better suited for that anyway. Not Gen. It’s a reason why it takes a long time to master this character. How long did it take Xian…couple years? And he’s a Gen god now…but he wasn’t always so and it took a many defeats(and questions he’s asked here) on his part to better his play in understanding Gen’s strength and weaknesses. Imagine how long it takes for some of us regular Joe’s to master Gen? Some people just give up.
Honestly, I’ve been playing Gen since Alpha 2 and I’m nowhere as good as Xian or Amiyu. Capcom designed him with this in mind. Patience and good skill is what you must have to play and win with Gen.


Well, how about c.mp (m), c.rk (m), c.fp (m), two types of jumping arcs, one of the best focus attacks in AE, Teiga, and the threat of Super? Not to mention a gazillion Shoto setups. No offense but Gen has all the tools to beat the Shotos in the ground game.

EDIT: of course those things are pre-nerfed Gen. Who knows how that matchup will be in Ultra. :sad:


Those matches are a bit old but I noticed they haven’t been posted yet:

Taiwanese Gen player


Tokido vs Amiyu


7-3 feilong matchup hhhh


In case you missed the Topanga World Matches


daigo vs xian…epic…but sad thing : goodbye AE2012 gen,i will miss you …also good thing xian incorporated mantis super as anti air in his arsenal which is great , he’s using it a lot now hhh


momochi playin gen at 15:25 (ultra street fighter 4 nessica version)


I finally got to see Crane cr.HP height on CH (@5:15)


Fellow double ultra lover. Cool to see some footage, also I fucking hate when cr. mp connects you react to it hands actualy get blocked and you cancel into super.

Also this happened only 2 times in my 2 years of gen, and recently (on gief and ken) when actualy both cr. mp and hands hit, i cancel into super (hands hit only once) and they fucking block it. I swear guys I never saw that before so my jaw just dropped, not sure how this occurs, maybe when you whiff punish or something.


That happens when you cancel into Super really late. For example, hands will connect at the 1st hit, the rest whiffs, and if you super cancel when the 4th hit whiffs, the opponent can recover and block. It happened to me a lot of times.

Yea, that cr.MP into hands connecting at the 3rd hit is not good. You have to cancel into hands as early as possible or the opponent will block the 3rd hit.


Amiyu USF4 Gen vs Rufus



anti delayed wakeup stuff… nice


Thank you for the videos ugo, amiyu is a blast to watch.

I don’t see him strugling but that’s propably because he’s very good.


Well he does’t use FA as much as other Gen players and he doesn’t actually seem as much “HK gekiro untechable kd setups dependent” as Xian… so maybe the character didn’t really change a lot for him…

The whole situation could even look better to him due to Gen’s minor buffs and some changes capcom made in USF4 like delayed wakeup and FADC DPs being way more unsafe on block for other characters who could abuse those things against Gen


Hey guys, it’s been awhile.

FT7 against TS Sabin.

Top32 match against Veloc1raptor

Loser’s pool match against Filipino Champ