"Lay Hands on'em!" Gen Video Thread



Very nice matches man. A lot of good tech you did against Dhalsim. I especially liked the escaping EX ogas from the dreaded throw ex fireball setup he was trying to do you repeatedly. And the neutral jump mantis short? I think it was when Dhalsim was trying to hit you out of the air.
Heartbreaking end on the Gouken match but still good stuff nonetheless.


ITs been a while from me as well…But im back rusty and ready too get back into the online battles

Ranked with commentary


Here is a new one I start playing at 5:52


Getting ready for ultra on PC


Ahhh what the hell…last A.E video :frowning: peace out gen!


Ultra! I really like this YouTube upload feature, y’all! :slight_smile:


You have pretty good execution. Landing the bnb all the time. But why do you finish with hands? It just goes back to neutral. Even the soft knocdown on gekiro is very good for some wakeup setups or just simple pressure. Also especialy now it’s better not to cancel into super after a hitconfirm, scalling is just horrible. If you realy want you can fadc but that’s either for more stun, to kill, or to carry in to a corner.

My 2 cents.


Hey! Thanks! Yeah, I like to finish my bnb in hp hands because I’m more comfortable playing from a neutral position. If I can react to the hit confirm fast enough I’ll finish in lk or hk gekiro, but even then I don’t know any good setups for gekiro soft knockdown. I’m starting to notice how canceling into super isn’t that great now. Thanks again for the input! Here’s another fight:



RZR Xian vs DEW @ SEA Major DAY 1


@18:30 up to 30:00

It was the grand finals for the ranbats we had yesterday. I sorta got the timing for cr.LP -> TC2 down by GF, but I forgot to AA most of the times because I was too busy making a new playstyle (excuses I know, but I was also tired cuz I slept 2.5 hrs ;)) When I get used to the new playstyle I’ll start working on my AAs again. Commentary was wrong in some info, but he looked really tired. He’s usually much more accurate.

It is then me playing casuals after, but I tried all the new crap just for laughz and trolling purposes (Reversal Mantis U2 for example), so I wasn’t really serious.


Lol. Gotta love jumping in with any normal then trying to bait something with mantis Ultra 2(pre-jump?)…only to somehow recover fast enough to TC2 right after and shock the hell out of your opponent.


Me vs CailPower

I made a mistake and payed for it. Anyways check it out! start at 2:10


Wow, then you are missing out a ton! Gen’s Gekiro is extremely good to finish with since you can control the height. Against a large portion of the cast you basically set up relatively a safe jump in the direction (crossup(non crossup) of your choice – and when you’ve trained them to block high you can do empty jump into low. I can’t imagine playing Gen without that benefit.


PE vs Daigo

PE had this match. If he had only hands > FADC in the first round…


Wow. I’ve never seen anyone doing MK Gekiro on wake-up. I’m really impressed.

I think it would’ve at least traded if he did U2 in the air when umehara did his U2

I guess he didn’t know about the hidden nerf Gen got when they were fixing meaty unblockables: every single meaty jump-in that Gen does against shotos/Ibuki/Guy (not Gouken, there may be more, probably Sagat) on wake-up can be blocked as a non cross-up. He kept jumping into the corner trying the 50/50.
(When I talked about this before, I actually assumed this was for all characters, but Gen crossed up on Gouken just fine, and Ryu crossed up on Ryu just fine)


I managed to come second in a tournament in Manchester on Saturday, they just got the videos up now so maybe some of you would be interested in how it played out.
Mistakes were made, but I was pretty happy that I got so far anyway.

Shoutouts to biased commentary, btw!


Thanks for the videos BigFool, as someone who can’t play the game until August, I need to see for myself any new mechanics that I need to take note of. It seems that rolling into red focus might just be more useful than any combo into mantis super. I’m so going to miss mantis super. How about that cr.mp - hands? Is it no longer safe on block?


No problem man. I prefer to be in Crane stance, and I figure I’m better off using red focus cancel would be a better since Mantis Super does less damage now. Focusing more on getting stun now.

Depending on the situation cr.mp-hands was unsafe on block anyway, but nothing was changed for it in Ultra so it should be fine to keep using it.

I can’t actually do cr.mp-hands, which I why you don’t see me use it at all in those videos.


i must be honest of you: you have some good stuff , going for ex geikiro is a choice i like,you use of crane super,red focus but let’s face it lack of matchup knowledge surely helped you against problem X with some lucky strikes using U2 crane
i also sense a lack of playing footsies relying exclusevily of jaysen is strange…i maybe wrong but i’m used to see and play with hands…
i only have one question: what’s the point with stand HP crane after RFA???
and yeah , stop going for random U2 it’s a bad habit you won’t get rif of :slight_smile: