"Lay Hands on'em!" Gen Video Thread



In the past I used U1 against Problem, so yeah I think he didnt see how dangerous Crane U2 is. However, the man is Burn Kick mad and I knew he would wanted to at that moment.

I’m using Crane pressure because it keeps me up close, and people are having a hard time throwing out a fast normal. If you see how a Bison applies Scissor pressure you could understand.

I used stand Crane HP because it was the most damaging followup after the RFC.

I’m using the Ultra that way because its +5 on block. Trying to do it in between blockstrings and such, I’d say it helped me out quite a bit.


after RFDC you can actually do crmpxxhp jaysen for more stun but i guess stHp is safer and easier…thx for the advice :wink:


Haven’t tested it in Ultra yet, but it doesn’t hit lows… right? Just like HK Gekiro…they both are really risky.
If Sagat crouched on his wakeup with some normal instead, it would have just went right over it.


insert punish here…



Luffy vs Xian at evo.


Love the stance change parry in the 1st match…he tries it before and misses but lands it around 49sec in.



Aaah…the dreaded Gen mirror. I hate mirrors.


I wasn’t a Gen player then but trying to become one now, but I’m still pissed that you can’t do hand loops anymore just like Akuma can’t do roundhouse loops anymore. Damn you Capcom!



Hmmm… I like it. Good stuff. Especially after oga set up.


The legend…


more u2 case scenarios…


All 22 Colors :smiley: (numbered)




Yeah, wow- that corner shenanigan to end round 3!


gen still in the top…



Holy crap Poison’s HP fireball recovers so fast