Laying the pipe -- Level 3 super setups



Just for reference: :hcb: + :2p: > It’s a level 3 command grab.

8 Frame Startup, Frames 1-10 Invincible, unblockable (taken from the official guide)

Feel free to add your own.

-Low A -> :hcb: + :2p:

Just a standard tick.

-**After any combo ending with a QCF+S -> Dash back with opponent’s roll -> :hcb: + :2p:
Grab on wakeup. Stuffs nearly every counter they try (haven’t seen him knocked out of it yet) with the super. Not sure if Haggar can counter an opponent rolling backwards, so I’ll have to try it out a few times and see what happens.

-Spencer’s Bionic Falcon Punch Super -> :hcb: + :2p:

4 supers, but it helps out if you need the damage. Spencer’s super is extremely fast (1 frame I believe) plus can go through some projectiles. The key is to cancel into Haggar before the punch hits; Haggar will appear right whereever Spencer is at the time of cancel. Just make sure the opponent doesn’t take Spencer’s punch hit even on block since the grab will whiff.

-:dp: :l:-> :hcb: + :2p:

Haggar’s dash-throw can be cancelled into his super. This can be used as a quick, long-distance unblockable. If an opponent tries to counter with an attack, the super will vacuum him in.

-Jumping :l: -> :hcb: + :2p:

A variation of the tick throw. The jumping l can also whiff and get the same result. It’s a weird attack.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Catch you guys later.


being rushdown by Ground attacks.
Xfactor guard cancel to lvl 3 hyper. All i got.


This is a gimmick setup in my opinion but I’ve had a 75% success rate with it:

After you’ve snapbacked or killed a character as the next character is coming dont do anything and wait until theyve reached the ground and then just Haggar buster them.Its a gimmick because it doesnt work if they press a button whilst coming in.

I have to give credit to my pal Aaron for this.


Well to add to that gimmick, if they do press a button just block the incoming hit, x-factor out of block stun and piledrive them in retaliation. Not sure what beats it yet cause i’ve only seen it done once or twice.


Nothing beats it. From what i’ve noticed. Unless they jump or something.


Haggar begins regular throw xx Opponent Techs xx Haggar activates Level 3 while opponent is still in Tech Recovery = They get grabbed.


I’ve had luck with that ‘SPD an incoming character’ gimmick. I’ve also had luck with piledriving opponents who corner crouch under sent drones, but that’s not really a setup just a stupid mistake by the other person.


cr. light, cr. medium, forward heavy xx heavy violent axe, medium, heavy then the heavy kind of resets them for a light piledriver or his level 3 hyper. although I think I have had people roll away, so this probably won’t work all the time.


I have some good ones:
They are mostly based on my current team Haggar(y)/Wesker(b)/Thor(a), but these might work with similar assists.

-Do a block string of any air move, c.:l:, Lariat. When Lariat is over, HAGGER BUSTER

This is silly, but it does work in corner, and midscreen if there’s no advancing guard. Have to check frame data for further info. If Lariat hits, connect with any lv1 Hyper.

-Any combo to :l:Violent Axe, :l:, :m:, :l:Violent Axe, dash/wavedash under, HAGGER BUSTER or mixup

Have to test this more and see the recovery properties of the opponent. This is good, but it is jumpable. Before the dash, you can use an assist to pin the opponent down and mixup in several ways:
With Thor’s Mighty Spark assist:
-(Spark on ground/air hit) Ground pipe or :s: and combo
-(Spark on air guard) wait, jump and Backdrop or timed :h: Hoodlum and combo
-(Spark whiff on ground crouch block) :m: Hoodlum, Pile Driver or HAGGER BUSTER

-Any combo to AMS, OTG assist, dash/wavedash/wait, HAGGER BUSTER or mixup

This is good on corner, especially with flashy OTG assists. In Wesker’s case, recovery occurs really low to the ground, so, you can wait for the landing, or air pipe in case of recovering up

-Any throw, assist, c.:h: ghetto roll crossup, HAGGER BUSTER

This only work with deceivable assists, such as Thor’s Mighty Spark, which whiffs on low block. If Haggar is near the blocking opponent, you can HAGGER BUSTER immediately, even if the Spark hit frames are in the screen. Still don’t know if Spark hit big chars like Sentinel on crouch… You can time it to work after Wild Swing as well, but watch the roll recovery.

-(On hit or block) :l: or c.:l:, :h: or c.:h: or Ground Pipe ~ kara cancel HAGGER BUSTER

This is just awesome! You have to be really close though. Pushblock attempts will be punished, standing around will be punished, most reversal hypers will be punished! Off the three :h: attacks, c.:h: gives the most range, but Ground Pipe is by far the best to use, due to kara timing and the deceivable animation. You can use standing :l: and :m: similar animations to punish or pin down jumpers and mixup with various things. Use it to kill Phoenix :slight_smile:

Still have to check the frame data to put more variables and see what can both players do


Here’s a funny one. standing a,b,6c, 623a, grab super. If they’re standing or not at point blank range for the A, the 623a will whiff, and you get a free shot at a haggar buster.


2A, 2B, 6C, 623B xx Buster looks like it should work if you start the buster right as the announcer says YES!. I still need to test this on a person, though.


After a blocked dp+lp, mix up with instant air throw if they jump a lot.


wesker’s level 3 beats it, just fyi. even if you start yours right after his.


Qcf+HP cancel right before third hit connects on block.


This has actually been doing very good for me. Thanks for this. The timing is bleh though.

Also, I propose we call this thread “Hold back if you want, it’s your funeral”. Since it’s level 3 grab setups, and if you hold back… well you get the point.


My fav setup is air pipe, st. a, st. b, jump, land, lvl 3. Perfect for mashers.


finishing the combo nets the same damage for 1 bar

The risk in burning 3 meters to gimmick a guy for 450,000 damage is not worth it. I prefer to only use it as a guaranteed punish off xfactor for bigger damage


Air pipe, air pipe, air pipe, whiffed headbutt into lvl 3.


will try these out in training mode.

  1. For the incoming character gimmick, train them with air pipe (unless it’s a super armor character) on their character coming in then empty jump (land at almost the same time as they do) into level three.

  2. Lariat (whiff on crouchers/small chars) cancel into level 3. Many people will be stuck blocking UNDER your arms and that gives the perfect invincible setup into lvl 3. Just make sure your lariat is whiffing and make sure you cancel it into lvl 3, not wait till it’s over.

  3. Slow projectile assist, Dash, lvl 3. Catch them when they think they should be blocking the projectile.

  4. Tron assist, lvl 3. Tron’s animation is still out there when they’re out of blockstun so it’s very easy to lvl 3 them while they think they should still be blocking.